Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steps To Fuel An Airplane Using An Aircraft Maintenance Ladder

By Eugenia Dickerson

Refueling an airplane can be very challenging because it does not use the same skill as that of other kinds of vehicles. In filling up its tank, you should follow a process to enhance your techniques in handling the engine. The simple task you do will guarantee the safe landing of the plane. Use an aircraft maintenance ladder so you can go to hard to reach areas and calculate the volume needed in the tank.

With every plane, there are different kinds of fuel grade. You have to determine which one you need to use. Check the make and model and go through the documents which can prove what it will be needing. You can also ask the crew about what is typically used with the vehicle you will be assisting.

The next step you have to consider is which type of fuel is required. They do not run on the same kind or brand. They are exclusively using a different one per aircraft. This depends on which one can cater more to the miles they will be flying. Determine what is stocked for the vehicle and what is more compatible with the engine.

Try and connect the wire you see on the ground to the handles of the vessel. Discover what tools will help in your installation. The wires should be set up carefully in order to allow its proper functioning as you learn to manipulate the control of the panel.

There are instances wherein the wings of both sides are higher than the normal plane. Place the ladder where the cap is facing. Be sure that this is located in furthest area of the tank. Find out where it is positioned before you bring the ladder up.

Drag the hose outside and bring it farther where it will reach up to be. It will help you know where to start when you fill it. Pick the kind where it can keep as far down to the fuel cap is located even if the side is higher than usual.

Try to remove all the caps in place where you are situated. As you begin, you can differentiate how different it is with the regular refilling of a car tank. The bigger planes should be fueled from the winds. It will help keep the balance where the plane is parked. Do not fill it if all of the valve are not yet thoroughly opened.

If the valves are not opened in place, you have to check this with your pilot or the maintenance associates. Go to the sides where the wings are before you go to the central tank. When you are done, reinstall all the caps and close each panel securely. Be ready to wind up the hose of the fuel.

Begin to wind up the wire from the ground. Inspect if all the caps are tightly sealed. Go around and check for water filled up in the fuel. You have to do this before and during the task. Touch the nozzle to where the lip stays so you can guarantee that it is situated in two places. As you go towards the tail of the craft, you can use the aircraft maintenance ladder if you are satisfied with the procedures you have made.

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