Monday, April 16, 2012

2010 Yields High Profits for Turkish Airlines Amidst Route Expansion

By Jarad Gibbs

There have been times within the history of Turkish Airlines when business hasn't been so prosperous. Gross annual revenue for the airline reached 4 billion dollars US for 2010. Yet for more than 2 decades in the 70s and 80s, the airline was plagued with a poor reputation due to frequent delayed flights and sub-standard customer service.

There were also seven accidents reported in the years from 1974 to 1983, as well as multiple serious events. The latter years of the 80s saw the government step in to influence the fortunes of this airline to see their fortunes turn around for the better. In fact, Turkish Airlines have seen an abrupt about-face since the turn of the century that has heralded a positive decade of blue skies ahead.

Also, there was one more such US flight gateway which was added to this list back in June, 2010 for Turkish Airlines. This is the most recent expansion which brings the number of gateways that start in the US to three, which also includes nonstop travel from Washington DC to Instanbul, Turkey. There will be 4 flights each week coming of Dulles Intl Airport. The airliner of choice will be the Airbus A330. This move means that Turkish Airlines is always searching for ways to let more American enjoy its beauty. Quite naturally, it can be said that Istanbul possesses both a blend of modern city and old world history. In addition, there are plans for a fourth gateway that is planned for March 2011 that will begin in Los Angeles CA and stop in Istanbul.

There have been many benefits derived for Turkish Airlines as a result of them diversifying their marketing efforts.

It appears that US passengers can take advantage of flying with Turkish Airlines from either sides of the country. That offers new possibilities for travel and easily makes new destinations available. The airline has, or soon will be, offering multi-weekly services to Washington DC and Los Angeles, both of which are major hubs for international travel.

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