Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Best Dive Sites In Philippines

By Jillian Roth

People who love to get wet should definitely go to the best dive sites in Philippines. Although these gorgeous places are situated in various areas, these can still be visited easily. People should take time to go to the following places.

Apo Island in Dumaguete is just a small island, but is naturally volcanic. This is popular for its attractive marine life and is located five miles to the south east of Negros Island. You can access this place by air, sea, and land from all major cities such as Cebu and Manila.

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park is known to be one of the most enormous diving sites. The place is known for its whales, big fish, huge killer current, and sharks. You have to get hold of a permit before you can visit the place though.

Puerto Galers is the place to be in since this is an outstanding destination for people interested in enjoying the sand, night wildlife, and sea. Due to its beauty, this is one of the preferred diving destinations of a lot of people. They can be transported to this charming place from the city with the help of the tour operators.

In Batangas, you can visit Anilao if you wish to enjoy during your weekend off. There are many wonderful scenes in this place that you can find. Furthermore, you can definitely find numerous fish species in this place.

Nowadays, there are many buses bound for Batangas, so they can go to this place by land. These buses can drop these people at the Mabini terminal.

These best dive sites in Philippines are worth going to especially for those who are into diving. This country can offer these people with a lot of choices. Satisfaction can be guaranteed even to those very demanding people so their effort will pay off.

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