Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Florida Keys Best For Spearfishing

By Harriet Porter

Mankind will always be inspired by the beauty and extreme forces of nature. One of the most exhilarating outdoor activities man can embark upon, is spearfishing in Florida Keys. The natural beauty of the area, balmy climate and clear, turquoise waters not only attract drones of tourists and adventurers, but also marine creatures of all creeds and kinds. It is renowned as one of the best spearfishing destinations in the world.

The long, unspoilt stretch of keys harbors some of the best spearfishing locations on earth. Add the lukewarm water temperatures with high visibility and it truly is a diver's aquatic paradise!

Especially the living coral reef south of Miami provides an excellent breeding ground for popular game fish species such as yellowtail snapper, amberjack, hog snapper, black grouper, mutton snapper and many more less common species. Here one can go spearfishing with or without scuba equipment in a friendly location that suits spearfishing enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Hunting fish with a spear is one of the oldest sports mankind has embarked upon since the earliest times. Sure, the technique and equipment might have improved over the centuries, but the thrill of getting close to these evasive creatures for the kill, is still the same. Whether you look for these marine beauties from a boat or shore, in blue waters or fresh water locations, it remains an adrenaline boosting activity that still appeals to the primitive hunting instincts in most menfolks.

Spearfishing, like all other water sport, is not without risk and one should never throw caution to the wind when one is dealing with the ocean. The first rule is to never dive alone. Always go with a group or at least one reliable, skilled person whom you can depend on in times of trouble. Beautiful as they are, the Florida Keys are also home to various species of sharks who won't mind a bite of your catch. Another safety precaution is to always keep speared fish in a special game bag tied to a long nylon line and letting it trail behind you at a safe distance.

To hunt fish with a spear gun requires not only good swimming skills, but also physical fitness and the ability to carry heavy diving equipment. It is thus important to train regularly and to keep fit.

Good advice is also to always carry a dive knife - it might just come in handy when you have to entangle yourself or a diving buddy and it is still the most humane way to kill a speared fish. Although one of the best aspects of the sport is to enjoy the freedom of the ocean, it is essential to invest in proper gear and to take good care of it. A spear gun that is not in working order can mean the difference between life and death. On the other hand, it is a deadly weapon and should only be loaded and fired underwater. Know your weapon and always handle it with caution.

There are many companies across the globe that offer intensive training in various water sports, including spearfishing and chartering. The sport is strictly regulated and it is important to find out more about a diving spot and its regulations before one takes to the water!

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