Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pointers In Preparing A 3 Day Survival Kit

By Lucia Weeks

Disasters can happen at any time and at any place. These tragedies may include floods, typhoons, tsunamis, fires, and others. Most of the times, these events can claim the lives of a lot of people and also damage a lot of properties. Even if there are instruments that can detect the possibility of certain tragedies, people should prepare themselves at all times.

National and also local governments are disseminating information regarding what people should be doing before, during, and also after a calamity. One is preparing a 3 day survival kit. An individual should see to it that he has the following items in his own kit.

Bags where their necessities will be placed will have to be bought by the individuals. They need to ensure that durable bags will be bought. This way, all necessities will remain in these containers and also not fall off. Those which are water proof might also have to be bought so that their belongings will not be wet if ever floods or heavy rains will occur.

Usually, an evacuation center will not be providing clean water. In this case, he should be bringing his own clean water for him to be quenching his thirst while staying in the said center. He should be bringing one gallon per one day for himself. He should also be storing non perishable food like noodles and canned goods. In the case of the latter, he should be bringing a can opener for him to be eating them.

The persons should bring their cellphones with them so that they can communicate with government authorities or other people regarding the situations. They also have to keep extra batteries and chargers so that they could still utilize their cellphones. Aside from that, they also need to have transistor radios so that they will know important announcements or events. They should also have flashlights to illuminate their ways during night time.

Copies of personal documents should also be possessed. The documents can include birth and marriage certificates, passports, insurance policies, and identification cards, among others. They will aid government agencies to have these people be identified and provided with any assistance that is needed by them.

Even if a disaster is happening, he should still be observing cleanliness for him not to be getting sick, especially during a typhoon or flood. He should be carrying stuff for sanitation and personal hygiene, like alcohol, toothbrush, wet wipes, and others. He should also be carrying extra clothes for him to be changing into dry ones if he gets wet from the rain.

Medical supplies should also be put in the bags. The supplies could include medications for common illnesses that are experienced by people in evacuation centers such as headaches, stomachaches, and colds. Cotton, band aids, and alcohol are also needed in case wounds, burns, or cuts are caused to them by certain disasters.

They also need multi purpose tools that they can utilize to cut or fix something. They should also have maps with them so that they will know where they will go. The families should plan beforehand on where they will meet up in case these disasters separate them. All members should also know the contact details of important government agencies or persons.

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