Thursday, April 16, 2015

You Will Love The Shark Fishing Cape Cod Has To Offer

By Joanna Walsh

There are so many people that love to do something different when going on holiday. A change of destination with different activities can make an ordinary holiday into a spectacular one. Something that should be tried and is guaranteed to bring a rush to all who try it is the Shark fishing Cape Cod offers.

These creatures are truly amazing and when seeing one for the first time one will be in awe of their beauty. There are so many different species ranging from the large to the small. The most feared one because it is so aggressive is the Great White.

This is a beautiful place and seems to protrude out into the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful beaches and because of its climate many find it a popular tourist destination. Two of the nearest islands are Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and in order to reach them a ferry will need to be boarded at Hyannis Village.

The second is the Great White or the Carcharodon Carcharias and weights anything from five thousand pounds and up. They generally can reach lengths of fifteen to twenty feet. They can be found in all of the oceans but especially in North America, Southern Africa and Australia. They have very sharp teeth that look very much like arrowheads and they are designed to slice and then remove large pieces of flesh.

Their normal swimming speed is about thirty five miles an hour but they have been seen doing close to sixty miles an hour. This is normally when they are hunting and in some instances when they are migrating. This is the only species that scientist have found that can do this speed. They are the most sought after for fishing because they are not large but one will need to have patience and lots of skill to actually get one on the hook.

The Hammerhead Shark or the Sphyrna Makorran can reach lengths of about twenty feet and can weigh as much as one thousand pounds. They are very active and are mostly found in the warmer ocean waters. They love to eat squid and any species of fish it happens upon. Another one that hides at the bottom of the ocean floor is the Goblin shark. Their main preferred meal seems to be seals and sea lions but will also go for sting rays, crabs and mollusks.

The fifth most dangerous shark is thought to be the Shortfin Mako and can reach about ten feet and weight up to three hundred pounds. They are the fastest of all the sharks and this could be because of their torpedo shaped bodies. If they are provoked they will attack and when they are caught in fishing lines have managed to free themselves. Those that escape onboard the boat have been known to turn on their captors and bit if the opportunity presents itself.

It is known as the Capital of the Cape as it is the main transport and business centre of Cape Cod. They have a JFK Hyannis Museum in the old Town Hall and the main focus is when John F Kennedy spent some time in this village. There is also a memorial that was erected at the waterfront in 1966 by the citizens.

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