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Information On Requirements For Long Island Car Service, NY

By Olive Pate

As with the basic service, if the car needs any repair work, or the manufacturer guidelines recommend extra maintenance work, this will be an additional cost. Regular car servicing is important to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your vehicle. Dirty air filters can cause your engine to run at less than peak efficiency. It is easy to spot a dirty air filter, and the replacement cost is minimal. It is imperative if you are a motorist to look for Long Island Car Service, NY as per the manufacturers manual.

If you are going to do any work on your car involving the electrical system, disconnect the battery first by removing the negative terminal first to cut off the path the current can pass back to the battery. When the battery contents go lower than the recommended level, ensure you top up using distilled water. In addition, keep the terminals grease and free from rust by smearing using grease. .

Your A/C system checked annually to make sure it is functioning at its peak performance level. Checking your vehicle's air conditioning (A/C) system annually will help you keep your cool when temperatures soar.If you require to avoid unexpected surprises and maintenance costs, stick to a regimented schedule of preventative maintenance is something you are going to want to get used to.

Ensure that the electrolyte level is correct, if topping up only use distilled water. Many newer batteries are maintenance free and will not require topping up. If the battery is more than three years old, remember to replace. It might fail abruptly. A complete fuel system cleaning can help restore peak engine performance.

Keep your tires properly pumped up. It is dangerous to drive on badly pumped tires and it will improve fuel consumption. Most car tires come equipped with treads wear bar. If the tread is very low, replace the tires. Ensure you replace worn out tires. This will avoid accidents due to poor treads in breaking

Check on your belts and replace as recommended in the manual. A good garage, performing this kind of maintenance, will usually check the brakes and manufacturer guidelines so that they can recommend any additional work that your car may need. Get the cam belt and drive belt checked after every 25,000 miles, however it is preferable you replace it every 50,000 miles.

Power steering fluid should be checked regularly to ensure it is filled to capacity. Use only the recommended oil for your car, this information may be found in your users manual. Check your manufacturers manual for the recommended thickness for the coldest temperature expected in your region. The last thing a car owner wants is to pay for a maintenance that was not needed in the first place.

Engine oil plays several important roles in ensuring that these all work together properly. Top up engine oil with correct grade as specified by manufacturer. Also, check the level of the coolant. Wait until your engine is cool and look at it. The outside should have low and high markings on it and the level of coolant inside should be between the two.

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