Saturday, June 4, 2016

Understanding Nautical Charts, With United Yacht Transport

By Susan Andrews

When it comes to boating, an understanding of where you are at all times is essential. Even though maps are known for serving this purpose, United Yacht Transport will tell you that nautical charts are more detailed. While experienced boaters know this all too well, others might be curious to know why said charts are so important. Here are a few key points that will help you better understand why all boaters should invest in these.

Despite how they appear at first, nautical charts are far from the maps that you're used to. According to boat transport and shipping experts, nautical charts illustrate a bevy of details related to the water, ranging from bridges to water depth in general. What this means is that these charts are essential for boaters, especially if they plan on traveling across different areas. In this case, why wouldn't you want to have this information on-hand?

Nautical charts feature a number of symbols as well, but it's easy to imagine that some will not be as obvious as others. If you see anchors on your chart, for instance, these will illustrate anchorages. The anchors themselves might be designed differently, though, as this will indicate what types of vessels will be allowed through them. This is why it's important to study your charts beforehand, which companies such as United Yacht Transport can assist.

There are also other indicators that will help you read your nautical chart more accurately. Lighthouses are quite common among watery areas, and the structures in question will come up as dots on your chart. Also, if you see tan or beige masses, these indicate landmasses, which you might have already realized. By keeping these indicators in mind, the ability to read your nautical chart will come that much easier to you.

If you wanted to know why nautical charts are so worthwhile, hopefully these talking points have helped you become more well-versed on the matter. Every boater should have a clear idea of their location, which means that maps should be on-hand. For more details, though, the aforementioned charts can be worthwhile investments. The more that they are used, the better that the trips boaters take will prove to be.

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