Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Makes Myanmar Backpacking Important To The People

By Barbara Carter

Myanmar is a place where most people visit for vacation since it is an interest place and the structures around the area is exotic. The great thing which makes it an interesting part is because of the culture which is the melting pot of east and west which huddles India and the whole Asian continent. Therefore, Myanmar backpacking is most interesting activity in the region hence making it the most attractive site in Asia.

The first place which lingers to people minds and make them wish to visit is Burma which is rich in news and media. There are other things which make the place attractive to the outside world which are wildlife and low-cost entertainment opportunities. The tourism in the area has exceeded the government regulation but it is run by minority who are from elite group of the military.

Giraffe neck women from community known as kayan has been wearing coiled brass on their necks to make them attractive and retain their culture. Therefore, they have all the history about the community and it is interesting to listen to then hence ending up contributing to their livelihood. This is when you will ask them on the things which they believe have made them to backpack to the ancient and retain their culture to this date. They are available around the parks where they offer their teaching services to the tourist on a small charge.

Despite of a rich country in all these things which create a lot of income to the government, they remain the poorest nation in south Asia. This has been caused by the government taking more from the visitors and leaving citizens with almost nothing to improve their lives and living conditions. The only place the local people can get help from is the international community which has boycotted the tourism hence making it their only hope for prosperity.

There are different other thing which will attract people from all over the globe to visit this country. The first thing is Yangon which was the capital city before the government relocated it to Naypyidaw in 2006. Despite this challenge, the city has retained the number of tourists who visit and hence makes the great contribution to the economy of the country.

The other thing in making the place more important to visitors is the availability of a treasure which is not hidden known as the Golden Pagoda. This attracts eyes of many who pass along the way where the treasure is kept hence contributes to the income for the city people. The rates for services in this place are cheat to encourage everyone who comes for vacation and holiday.

The other thing making the country famous is the type of food in which they serve to their customers in their restaurants. This is a most common thing in the country since everyone will taste the cultural food of various cultures in the city. The country also distributes food overseas and mostly to south central Asia.

In this land, you are supposed to travel right in order not to be swept away. For many who camp at family run businesses and guest houses, they make sure all their profits from contributions made during tourism time is distributed to the local people for them to increase their lives.

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