Saturday, October 15, 2016

Criteria For Classification Of Manuel Antonio Hotels

By Dennis Murphy

There are different products and services provided in the hospitality industry. These include, but are not limited to, food service, entertainment, convenience service and luxury. The facilities include lodges, motels, hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast lodgings. Manuel Antonio hotels are classified among themselves. The goal of categorization is to ensure that clients are not overcharged. It also keeps entrepreneurs on toes when it comes to facility maintenance. Here are some of the pointers used to categorize hospitality facilities.

The construct of the building speaks volumes about the facility. Some hotel facilities have unique external and internal designs and finishing. These high-end products act as attractions kin themselves. Some buildings are constructed to attract clients. The architectural aspects of the building must have some curb appeal. More importantly they must show artistic fitness and be functional in their use.

Experts also consider the range of services available in the facility. A facility providing a range of services is likely to be better classified. The variety of services includes food service and preparation, bedding services and housekeeping. Others services are recreational.

The range of activities which patrons can enjoy while at the facility is important. A hotel in the game reserve with high-end products would attain better classification than a city hotel with basic services. The additional activities for guests include sporting activities such as swimming, a gym or fitness parlor. Also game drives, spas and massage parlors and salons can attract better classification.

The food service items also speak volumes about the patrons and expectations. A high rates facility must sell the destinations cuisine as well as other international cuisines in the best form. Well-planned menu items attract visitors.

The different areas and capacities of the hotels are also important to consider. The bed capacity must be sizable, and the range of housekeeping and lodging facilities must avail varieties for clients to choose. Some facilities have multiple restaurants within the same area. The idea of choice plays a significant role in categorization.

Another critical point to consider is the service delivery process. A good facility must be able to deliver its services as expected by clients. The idea is to create a positive client experience. Slow service is a downer for classification. In addition the method and equipment used to deliver the service are significant. Train staff members to deliver services swiftly and with perfection.

Hotel business owners must consider having their facilities classified. That presents a good platform for marketing their destination and the facility to potential clients. Also, it gives clients a rough idea of what to expect from the hotels. More importantly, the criteria pointers also act as benchmarks for entrepreneurs to attain for better revenues. Improve client choices, client experience and the general ambiance of the facility.

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