Sunday, September 17, 2017

Helpful Tips To Prepare For Marine Surveying In Ontario And Elsewhere

By Stephen Hayes

If you are lucky enough to own a boat, or are considering purchasing one, you probably already know there are certain responsibilities that go with it. If you are taking out a loan in order to buy it, the financial institution will require a survey before it loans you money. The insurance company will survey it before issuing a policy. If the boat is damaged, the adjuster will want to come aboard and survey the extent of repairs needed. In order to prepare for marine surveying in Ontario and elsewhere, there are things you can do to speed the process along.

When the surveyor comes on board, you don't need to have a crowd of people milling around on deck. The inspector needs to be able to move about the boat easily, and that could be difficult if there are friends and family in the way. In most cases, the fewer people on board at the time of the inspection the better. It may be necessary to have a pilot or crew member on hand to answer questions. This is especially true if you don't handle the vessel yourself.

Inspectors are busy people, and you may have a narrow window of opportunity when it comes to an appointment. This is not the time to be late or unprepared. If your inspector is late, that is one thing. If you are late, that is something else entirely.

When you are expecting a surveyor, you want to make sure your vessel is cleaned up and looking its best. Everything should be functioning properly. If the surveyor is coming aboard to check for damage, you need to be prepared to show him or her exactly where the damage is and how it happened. A messy boat will send a message to the inspector that you are not following the maritime tradition of maintaining a vessel in pristine condition.

Removing any unnecessary gear while you are in the cleaning process is a good idea. It will help if the surveyor has a clear passageway throughout the boat. It won't help your cause if the inspection is held up or delayed while you get extra equipment off the boat. Some inspectors won't even begin a survey if the vessel in question is too cluttered to allow for a thorough assessment.

You should have all the tools necessary, on site, to thoroughly inspect the vessel. Your inspector will want the panels removed, and will not bring tools to do the job him or herself. There are liability issues involved. You will have to be able to remove the panels yourself.

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you get the final report or when a loan officer or insurance representative contacts you with their decisions. These reports can be difficult to read for those unfamiliar with them. The inspector should be happy to explain anything that confuses you.

Serious fishermen and sailors love the idea of having their own boats. It gives them the freedom to take off on the water whenever the conditions are right. Boats are assets, but they have costs and responsibilities associated with them. Periodic marine surveys are part of life for boat owners.

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