Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Influence Of Technology In The Restaurant And Lodge Pangasinan Industry

By Stephanie Morris

Technology has seen tremendous growth over the years. It has laid a major platform for the expansion of many commercial organizations; the hospitality industry is one of them. Many organizations have had a reason to smile following this improvement. They have benefited in several different ways. The restaurant and lodge Pangasinan industry has experienced noticeable improvements as a result. Some of these impacts they have experienced are as discussed below.

An analysis proves that there have been improved strategies in the marketing structure. Marketing plays a great role in improving the reputation of a company. The internet has been used as a tool to facilitate the marketing of many hotels. Marketing strategists use the social media to access many of their guests. Through social media, they get to advertise their services online through developing an online relationship with their guests.

The main component of many business organizations is to ensure that their customers are satisfied with services the pay to receive. First, they have to ensure that the rooms are well equipped to ensure the comfort of their clients. For this reason, rooms have acquired a modern look from the fancy layouts and equipment fitted in the. This has provided an opportunity for their clients to enjoy their time during the stay. Hence the service delivery is efficient.

Integrated management systems are also a product of improved technology. They have helped develop and strengthen ties between these organizations and their potential customers. Despite their sophistication, they have assisted in establishing advanced integration levels. Guest preferences are created and linked to their database. This has provided the supply purchase systems to easily access what is required for purchase to ensure no supply shortages.

The introduction of smart-phones and tablets has made it easy to access these facilities. These gadgets have replaced the desktops used before. This is because they are relatively cheaper and require less maintenance. They have increased service delivery. Clients can easily make their orders and report any complaints during their stay. Immediate feedback is also received by their guests. This has had a positive effect on the side of customers.

In most large motels, the check in and check out procedures can be time consuming. This is due to the long lines experienced. These organizations have established applications in smart-phones that give clients the opportunity to preregister for their hotel stay. The smart-phone also acts as the key to their hotel rooms. This ensures that their users have ample time for their guests to enjoy their stay without spending much time trying to settle.

After a happy holiday, people need to get to their departure points on time. But in most cases, this has not been easy due to the difficult check out procedure. However, screens have been mounted in each room to facilitate this process.

Finally, clients are offered a chance to enjoy the new payment modes. One does not necessarily have to walk around carrying solid cash. The use of the ATMs and payment screens has made it more efficient for guests to conduct business transactions. They can easily pay their bills without any misunderstandings regarding payments.

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