Monday, July 23, 2018

The Top Pangasinan Tourist Spots

By Frances Allen

When one goes to the Philippines, one of the most beautiful places to pay a visit to would be Pangasinan. There are so many things to see here and a lot of great places to visit. If one is interested in checking this place out, then here are the top 6 Pangasinan tourist spots that should never be missed.

Hundred Islands is the first one to take a look at when going to the region. Hundred Islands is basically a mash of literally hundred islands that each have its own unique landscape. If one would visit this place, he or she can enjoy different activities such as boating, snorkeling, and kayaking.

For those who are familiar with Boracay, another popular beach in the Philippines, Patar Beach is its counterpart in Pangasinan. Patar Beach is extremely beautiful but not as crowded as Boracay, making it very popular among most tourists. One may also be able to see a lot of marine life and scenery in this beach.

The Sky Plaza is another place that one should not miss when going to this province. To give one an idea, the Sky Plaza is a public park that oversees a lot of the other towns in the area such as the town of Natividad. It is also a haven for history enthusiasts because it is the home to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the oldest Christian pilgrimage statues in the area.

For those who love flowers and some adventure, the sunflower maze is one of the most favorite places to visit for flower enthusiasts. It is literally a maze with sunflowers all around the area designed to give the visitors a refreshing experience. It also has a farm where the tourists can pick some of the crops to try out during the harvest season of the farmers.

For those who love extreme sports and a little more exciting activity, then the place to go would be Balungao Hilltop Adventure Resort. One will start off by riding the famous zip line and get a gander at the terrain as well as the scenery from a high point of view. From there, he or she can try out other cool activities like bungee jumping, trail walking, hiking, and trampoline.

The Enchanted Cave is another place that tourists will definitely not want to miss when they visit there. The Enchanted Cave is called the Enchanted Cave because it looks like a very big and magical coral that looks like something from a movie. One can even go swimming in the areas around the cave.

So as one can see, Pangasinan has a lot of very beautiful places to visit if one would want to try out something a little bit different from the usual. This province is known for its amazing scenery, landscape, and tourist attractions, making it a must visit place. These six attractions are some of the most famous attractions that are definitely loved by tourists everywhere.

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