Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boutique Budget Hotels, Birmingham and Beyond

By Peter Gibbons

Although in these times of great budgetary concern it might prove more tempting to 'go budget' when traveling, across the U.K, there are those who will always prefer to find the comforts of home wherever the are forced to stay away on business. A middle ground exists between grim budget hotels and over-priced luxury hotels in the form of boutique, budget hotels. Birmingham especially has a vast array of these hotels and their various features will be discussed in detail below.

The general consensus when shopping for a hotel is that you can either go budget or luxury, but there is no reason why you can't have a bit of both. Thanks to boutique budget hotels, there is no need to compromise on price or quality. Forward thinking, cost cutting building techniques standardized in Japan (including cutting down on storage space for short stay rooms and not including the standard budget hotel bar and restaurants that very few guests care to visit) have been adopted by numerous British companies and the result is easy to built, compact hotels. These savings are passed on to the consumer in both the price and in the quality of the rooms.

Many budget boutique hotels will be located in city centers to provide easy access to a variety of restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars and shops. They will also be sited to provide uninhibited access to the motorway with all precautions taken to ensure suitability for disabled clients. A hotel located in the centre of Liverpool for example would be close to not only the central dock area but also to the busy bar and restaurant district centered around Matthews street.

You no longer have to choose between luxury and budget, as there is now a perfect middle ground between the two. Thanks to the use of building techniques gathered from both the USA and Japan building costs can be kept to a minimum and these savings will be passed onto the consumer in the form of lower prices and more elaborate amenities.

The vast differences between budget hotels and luxury hotels have been rendered obsolete by modern, boutique, budget hotels. Birmingham is privy to more than 10 which adhere to all of the specs discussed above and more are being built yearly as hotel chains begin to note the positive effects of keeping their patrons happy with not only the weight of the wallets, but the comforts of a good nights sleep.

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