Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Few Fascinating Places To Visit In Manchester UK

By Harry J. Fitzpatrick

The now disused Ancoats mills complicated was once at the epicentre of Manchester's economic community - a period now well past. The impressive mills manufactured products like cotton, glass and chemicals and were affectionately called "the workshop of the world". What is now Anita Street was previously known as Sanitary Street, due to its terrace of dedicated workers' places, which were always kept spotlessly clean.

The Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive has recently had a remodel and now boasts an exhibition on local history. More sections have also been added, dedicated to the life and times of the folks that lived here,eg Samuel Crompton. This person will always go down in history for inventing the Spinning Mule. This revolutionized the cotton industries in Manchester and Lancashire, and permitted it to expand enormously as production took off.

The North Quarter Cafe has made a priority out of finding locally grown food - with dishes like Dolphinholme goat's cheese, Mrs Kirkham's, Goosenargh chicken and Pugh's Piglets. They provide an wonderful a la carte menu and a brilliant price conscious luncheon menu, at a unbeatable 2 courses for 9.95. The Sunday lunch is also another offering, with Gressingham chicken, Cheshire lamb and beef and a comprehensive choice of vegetarian dishes. This is food like your ma would have made - regularly selecting just one dish will be simpler to say than to do.

The People's History Museum is a once off in that it's located in an old Edwardian Pump House on the River Irwell, which was fully renovated in a project costing over 12 million pounds for the sake of housing a museum. This fascinating museum tells the tale of all who campaigned and, in so many cases, made large sacrifices for the right to vote in a democratic political system. Whether they were glad-handers or normal people, they've a place in history here. Manchester was where many significant events unfolded - here, visitors can find out how they contributed to improving politics in the country as a whole through interactive displays and exhibits which are changed frequently to show new objects and historical documents. A store and caf are also on site. Here, workshops for children are seen as being key to learning thru play and fun. Supplied with a Busy Bee pack, the museum comes alive in a way that makes sense to them and guarantees that they will enjoy the facilities as much as the adults. The Engine Hall also offers picnicking facilities.

The iconic Peel Tower, situated in Ramsbottom on the high Holcombe Hill, is a confirmation of Sir Robert Peel. This famous man is the pride and joy of Bury, as he built the urban police. He has the distinction of having been elected as Prime Minister on 2 occasions in the 1800s, and a monument was erected to him in the shortly afterwards. The walk to the pinnacle of the hill may be a challenge, but it is well worth it as the perspectives over Bigger Manchester are superb. The East Lancashire Train line and the town itself are definitely worth a visit in their own right.

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