Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Look At Airporter Shuttle In Jacksonville FL

By Cara Torres

Transport services where one person is transported from one place to another using a taxi and he pays for it is called a shuttle service. The Airporter Shuttle in Jacksonville FL gives its customers who are going to take flights or those who have arrived from their journey this mode of transport. They get to take a taxi from their areas of residence to the airport for a given fee that they have to pay to the driver. For those passengers who want to be taken back to their homes they can take a taxi at the airport.

The above named company offers all its customers a variety of choices to choose from. The cheapest is the train and it is not preferred by most passengers. For those customers who love comfort and style there are limos that are available. There is also the option of taking a luxury bus but the one that is chosen by many is the private car better referred to as the taxi service.

The services offered have been rated as the best in the state since they are very reliable. Their reliability is because the service is offered all week at all hours of the day. They respond very fast to any call made to them. All the fees are much cheaper than all their competitors making them the most preferred.

All the workers from the administration to the drivers are all friendly and very professional. All of the drivers must have a clean driving license. Among the several tests taken is the drug test that they have to pass before they can even be considered for hire. They have to be physically fit and one test can prove this. All drivers are required to take a drug test every month to make sure they stay clean and off use of any drugs.

For the environmentally conscience passengers they can rest assured that the company is environmentally friendly since all the hired cars they use emit no smoke. There are several compulsory seminars on safety that all the drivers have to attend so as to keep their passengers safe. The cars are ever in good shape as they are serviced on a regular basis thus reducing the accidents.

One does not have to make a reservation in advance so he can use the service. There is an option of just calling and a van will be sent over to the door step of the commuter. Even though the reservations are not necessary there is a discount for a reservation done earlier. The services are door to door where the drivers even knock on the door. The services are prompt since they respond immediately.

There various packages of discount. One as stated earlier is when one makes a reservation before time. There is also a discount on children of twelve years and below where they happen to get a free ride but this is based on per adult head present. This means if there is one adult but two kids one will have to pay. Payment can be made directly to the director using cash credit card or a cheque.

There are several payment options to choose from. The driver accepts cheques or cash or even a debit or a credit card. The client base of Airporter Shuttle in Jacksonville FL is growing day by day because it is a company that is reliable.

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