Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Colombia To Panama Sailing, A Trip Full Of Fun

By Eloise Hewitt

This is the best experiencing in sailing with all the wonderful beautiful view of the Cartagena city in Colombia. This is just one of the most interesting journeys in the world. The voyage normally takes a minimum of three days while seeing the islands for it has the most beautiful and undeveloped islands in the globe. The journey from Colombia to panama sailing is a never to miss thing.

This island in history has been recorded to have been invaded by some radical criminals who passed on waters along it. The trip normally involves being taken on the path they are said to have followed. Then you move on between Cartagena to Blas which has a history of being the most fortified city in the empire of Spanish.

Since that time when the notorious pirates were not allowed in the city nothing much has changed. A prettier view is experienced when you are on its harbor and when anchoring. This tour is an experience that one would not have to ever forget.

This journey on a boat is worth the time and expense for it is one in a life time adventure. The average charges range from $400 to $525 depending on type of yacht and how long the trip will take you. This may change according to the route you take for there is more than just one route to panama.

The sailing is inclusive of everything you need in the boat starting from three meals a day, limited amount of water for it depends on the size of a boat, taxes in the city of origin and tax charge in destination, proper places to sleep and any amenity that is necessary in this trip. Other unaccounted for items which one may need during the trip like soft drinks, alcohol are left at the discretion of sailors to choose whether to carry them or not.

It is advisable that you buy all you want in Colombia city for along the way there is no stopping places that you can alight and do shopping. If anything there are no ATM machines or banks on the islands. For those who experience sea sickness it may be necessary to carry your own pills for they are not provided.

This trip is not limited to three days but it may take as long as the sailors want. This is based on the places they would like to take their adventure. The only limitation there is the conditions of sea which is dependent on times of the year. Sometimes it may be rough in midst of the sea but when sailing along the coast, it may not be rough as such.

Hence while choosing which route to follow you should consider the season and also there are routes that are so common with sailors when coming from the other direction. A stop over is normally on some selected resorts where you stop and spend a few nights and then continue with the journey.

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