Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Growing Popularity Of Haida Gwaii Tours

By Essie Osborn

Many of us desire to have a vacation. Nothing beats a good vacation that has something for everyone in the family. One of the places that is slowly becoming discovered is located near the northern coast of British Columbia in Canada, and is fast becoming a popular vacation place. Many Haida Gwaii tours are now being booked for people to enjoy this remarkable archipelago.

One great thing about this place is the weather. The summers are not so hot and the winters not so cold, or much bearable at least. It has not been overdeveloped and the local populace, the Haida, are a very accommodating and friendly people. In fact the name Haida Gwaii means island of the Haida. The islands were known as the Queen Charlotte islands before.

The Haida also occupy quite a bit of Alaska, so if you have been to Alaska and seen the crafts and trade there you will find similarities. Totem poles are also very much similar and found on the archipelago as a testament to the past and also as a record of the families that own them. Likewise the bent wood technique used in making furniture and the like is widely used here.

A four day minimum is recommended for one to be able to cover all the communities if one wants total cultural and historical experience. One will be able to fully cover all the art stores, the museum, and workshops that are indigenous to the area in that span of time.

Hikers will find the islands a good place to walk and explore. They should however be prepared to do a bit of kayaking as it may call for short jaunts over water. Several local guides can assist you with packages designed just for hikers for a great hiking experience.

For those with an aquatic adventure in mind one should try to do some whale watching. British Columbia and this particular area are world renowned for being able to see humpback whales, killer whales and gray whales up close. There are several packages again available for this kind of thrill.

Those who do not want to do anything stressful can do a bit of camping and a lot of fishing. Many great fishing spots can be had near kayaking areas as well as campsites. Thus the less physically inclined can have some fun too. In fact there is definitely something for everyone in these islands.

Accommodations wise there are quite a few bed and breakfasts around and also lodges. There is also available an RV park for those who want to travel and vacation this way. However, one should not go during the summer season as rates can get quite high, unless you want to of course. Therefore you should plan accordingly to avoid the crowds and the prices.

Being only two hours by plane from Vancouver, and about seven hours by sea or boat, this destination cannot be beat due to proximity. Near enough for one to travel but far enough to be isolated, this is one holiday destination that is getting popular and would be hard to beat.

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