Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Enjoyable Whale Watching Tours In Alaska

By Lelia Hall

If one is interested in seeing the majestic and large sea creatures, he or she should climb aboard boats as well as catamarans. Several types of whales can be seen playing and feeding 20 miles from the shorelines of Alaska.

One will truly be thrilled to see these creatures in their very own habitat. It is indeed a very unforgettable experience for those who have tried it. No person can really tell if the watchers will be able to see the whales or not because this is beyond anybody's control. Nevertheless, whale watching tours in Alaska can surely be memorable experience.

It is advisable for them to take sea-sickness medication whether they get seasick or not. Even the most tough sea-goers can get really sick because the seas of the coast of Alaska can get really rough. They should bring some medications with them and take one a few hours before their scheduled departure. In general, the trips take three to four hours and getting sick is definitely not fun.

Bringing some beverages and food is necessary. He or she should eat regularly for him or her to feel better especially if he or she has gotten sick. It will not be necessary for him or her to stand in long lines anymore. Arriving at the venue half an hour early is necessary for him or her to obtain good seats. These trips are frequently crowded, so comfort is necessary for him or her to view the creatures and scenery better. The deck as well as the front area of the boat are excellent spots.

Do not forget to check the seas' height at the same time if fog is present. In case the seas are 5 to 10 feet high, you will most likely get sick because it is going to be a rough trip. The fog will hinder you to spot the whales. What you can do is ask for your trip to be scheduled some other time.

It is advisable for them to dress warm. At first, it may seem humid on shore, but they should remember that the temperature can be as low as forty degrees especially when they are out to sea. They will feel even colder because of the chilly wind from a fast moving boat. They will realize later on that it is best to dress warm.

Winter hats, numerous layers of sweatshirts gloves, a windbreaker and a jacket should be brought. Additionally, one must bring a scarf with him or her. Camera, video camera and binoculars are essential as well. Aside from capturing the beautiful scenery, one can also take pictures of the amazing sea creatures.

It is wise to hire a company that is capable of offering another trip especially when tourists did not spot the whales. It is not right as well to blame the operators since this is beyond their control too. It is up to the person to kame his or her experience pleasant because other than the creatures, there are other things during the trip he or she can enjoy. One should never forget to follow these helpful tips.

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