Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wonderful Machu Picchu And Galapagos Tours

By Lena Stephenson

Life is just full of choices when it comes to where to spend one's vacation time. There are always to tried and true traditional favorites like popular beaches, amusement parks and famous landmarks for those who want to stay within the proverbial box. Many people who are looking for something a little more unusual find that Machu Picchu and Galapagos tours seem to satisfy their need for a unique experience.

These well planned South American jaunts are arranged to give the vacationer memories that will last a lifetime. Time is scheduled to allow for optimum exposure to all of the major sights of each location with ample opportunities to go off on individual excursions catered to the individual. With everything there is to see and do, every moment will be filled with adventure.

Versatility is one of the perks in this type of vacation package. Though both destinations are closely located, they are very much worlds apart in appearance, feel and purpose. The combination is basically providing two unique getaways but cuts out the hassle and expense of having to prepare multiple travel plans and accommodation bookings.

Each of the locations has its own charisma, charm and appeal to offer every single visitor. Although the sites are extremely diverse from one another, both will take the visitor on a figurative journey back through time, each in a different way. The first is a look at how an ancient people once lived and the other seems to be a sampling of ecosystems and animal evolution from various times and places.

High in the Andean mountains of Peru rests a fifteenth century structure in near perfectly preserved condition. Sparred from the effects of modern man and technology by its remote location, the site has been affectionately dubbed the "Lost City of the Incas". Restored, protected and controlled by multiple historical societies, the complex provides visitors with an example of how the mighty Inca Empire may have lived in the late 1400's.

The second site is a group of islands, islets and volcanoes that form an archipelago and host a jumble of ecosystems and wildlife that are found nowhere else and seem to defy logic. Almost every climate and weather pattern found on Earth are present here, as well as a menagerie of animals that one would not expect to exist together, or at all. The amazing conditions found at this destination are due partly to geographical location and the lack of human development and technology.

Guided journeys through each location will highlight all of the must see features of the sites and provide adequate information on their significance. Time is set aside to allow individuals the opportunity to relax, shop or partake of the various activities that are available. There is so much history and culture to experience, as well as such incredible beauty and unbelievable nature to see, that one may find themselves wanting to stay longer.

Travelers can double their fun by opting to participate in these dual location trips. They offer twice the adventure without while eliminating the stress and pressure of having to plan twice the travel and accommodation arrangements. Two great South American destinations are combined in one plan with all the details carefully set in place to permit the vacationer to maximize their experience.

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