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One Of The Most Explored Non Hotel Forest Lodge By Tourists

By Roger Lee

In the modern day world, you have limitless options to choose from when speaking of which places to visit or travel to, provided one does not have a limited budget to begin with. For instance, one of those places is referred to as Belize, which is home to approximately four hundred thousand local residents and ethnic tribes in Central America. Belize is located in between the Mexican border and Caribbean Sea, which makes it the ideal tropical destination for many folks.

As a result, the tourism department of Belize has created numerous tourist destinations and areas of hospitality, including hotels, resorts, outlet malls, restaurants, adventure parks, and more fun filled activities. A highly popular choice that most men and women enjoy visiting are resorts for a variety of reasons. This includes having a safe and fun place for the entire family and availing of whatever amenities an establishment has to offer. Following this trail of thought, the succeeding paragraphs will relay the most visited non resort jungle stay Belize by tourists.

Chabli Mar is only 10 minutes away from its local Placencia Village, which makes it highly visible and accessible even for folks that are not around the area. Conveniently based at the Caribbean coast, guests can expect 400 feet of white sand and clear blue waters for miles from the shore. Not only that, Chabli Mar has its own restaurant specializing in the local cuisine too.

Cahal Pech Village is your go to destination when you wish for an adventure during your trip. Since this village is based near the Mayan ruins and rich and vibrant tropical forests, the establishment offers guided tours for those who wish to go exploring and trekking the local forestry. Furthermore, the village offers great Central American meals and drinks and has a suite feature for people who want a more luxurious stay.

Laru Beya goes to the Placencia Peninsula and has actually come to be the excellent escape for people that simply desire to loosen up after a demanding job task or from the globe as a whole. Laru Beya is recognized for its serene and peaceful environment, which suggests the visitors that remain below are old and normally young specialists, pairs, and households out on a charming affair. It ignores a fantastic sea front and consists of many spaces for yard watching, which contributes to its total setting. Those desiring to participate in the evening life or consume at dining establishments within Placencia will be pleased to understand that totally free transport solutions are provided by the facility for all visitors.

Almond Beach doubles as both a resort and a spa, which is owned by a local family and is near local fishing sites and villages within the area. The establishment only offers twenty five intimate rooms, which makes it exclusive and requires early reservations to secure a spot every few months. Apart from offering spa services like massages, facials, saunas, and other treatments, Almond Beach also specializes in guided adventure tours in the Mayan ruins and snorkeling with their abundant coral reefs.

Victoria House has 42 rooms, which varies between villas, rooms, and suites. What truly sets the place apart is its unique and eye catching view that everyone is able to view from their rooms and from their doorsteps, which has mesmerized many. Moreover, the management is known for offering helicopter adventure tours and other packages for those who want something fun and action packed during their stay.

Coco Plum Island is perhaps one of the most private resorts to stay in and is an adult only retreat house, with eighteen oceanfront cabanas for the ideal vacation like no other. Being situated right above the waters on shore is simply a breathtaking experience and coupled with good food from their restaurant and adventure packages, it has been the first choice of many couples and private group outings with close friends or family. Guests can kayak or rent snorkeling equipment to view the underwater caves and explore the world below their rooms.

Overall, those are the most popular sites to visit. Each one has something unique and fun to offer. As such, it surely offers a once in a lifetime experience for all guests.

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