Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sites To Explore During Ghost Hunting Tours Texas

By Henry Cole

Many people often get spooked by talk of the paranormal. There are some, however, who find the topic interesting and would not hesitate to explore the mysteries of the spiritual realm. If you are part of this bandwagon, you should consider signing up for ghost hunting tours Texas.

There are many agencies that take people on guided tours right in Texas. Over the years, there have been lots of reported sightings of ghostly figures in the many hotels, houses and burial grounds in the area. A daylong guided tour should help you ascertain if this is the truth or nothing but a myth.

One building that gets visited regularly owing to its haunted status is the Prince Solms Inn. It is a historic building that has served as an inn for years and is located near the Guadalupe River. There is a timeless touch to its interior, with a large staircase right at the entrance and antique furniture in the rooms.

Some old photos in frames are intricately placed on the wall as one heads up the staircase. On several instances, guests have said they saw some movement in the photo frames as they made their way up the flight of stairs, much like what you will see in a Harry Potter film. A functional antique piano can be found in the basement. When in the inn, whether with others at the bar or alone in your room, you get the creepy sense that someone or something is watching you.

Ensure you include the Blue Light Cemetery in your itinerary as well. It is a burial ground that dates as far back as the 1800s. It was shut down by the authorities owing to many complaints about devilish nighttime rituals and vandalism. The locals usually say that a demon was once conjured by Satanists and still roams the cemetery to date. The locals always warn visitors to seek protection from God through prayer before going in.

The Faust Hotel is also sure to instill some fear in you. It has been in operation since the early 20th century. Its vintage architecture says a lot about how old it is. Most of the decorations that it originally came with are intact. There is always a supernatural touch to this building, with a host of people saying they felt an uncontrollable urge to go forward and explore after seeing it from the outside.

These days, a grill and bar make up the ground floor. It also has large halls that get booked for events and weddings on a regular basis. Guests often opine that a ghost exists in the building. Many claims border on being woken up by some heavy breathing from an unseen source. There is no doubt this would be a great place to reside in for a night if ghost stories often enthrall you.

Your tour will not be complete without an excursion to the Woodbine Hotel. It is often believed that the hotel is constantly haunted by a female spirit. There are several stories of objects flying off their positions, windows shattering, doors opening and closing at will and chilling footsteps in the dead of the night.

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