Saturday, August 25, 2018

Being One With The Wonderful Sea Creatures

By Brian Lewis

A person sometimes works six or seven days a week. This will be the cause of their stress and sickness. This sort of person must do some trips or vacations to relax and relieve stress. Vacations like going to beaches, doing mountain hiking, and also going to places where they can have enough time with their selves. Whale watching Catalina Island is one of the most perfect ways to kill stress.

This will not just let a person see those big whales but they can also see other variety of animals like seagulls and seals. This will make a person value their life. Knowing that they can still enjoy it in places where they can also be educated. This is where adults and most especially kids can enjoy their vacations.

Humpback whales are that kind of creature that usually jumps out from the water. This is one of the many classes of whales. And the blue whales, they are the largest animals on earth. These kinds of creatures usually feed on swarms of krill and small shrimps.

Whales are the main event sort of thing in this kind of adventure. But they do not show their selves sometimes. So tourist guides must know the exact time and location that these creatures will show up. But they will make sure that their costumers will have a great time on board.

This is also the reason why places doing this sort of activity improve their economic success. It attracts tourists all over the globe. Tourists often go to places where they can experience new types of adventure and marine observation is one of it.

There is also that establishment who throws their used chemicals in the water that causes poisoning to animals and other marine creatures. In some cases people often throws garbage and other wastes on the beaches and water ways that sometimes got dragged into the open ocean. Plastics that are in the ocean usually get eaten by animals such as whales and other marine life.

There are many government agencies that protect these creatures. Like marine conservation organizations, this helps those animals by protecting them to those people who hunt these creatures and sell them to the black market for a very large amount of money. These organizations ask help from the cost guards and other marine watchers.

Places where whales often spotted is most likely guarded by the cost guard to prevent poachers from killing this kinds of animals. So tourists can still have the chance to encounter such beings and meet them. Some places even let the peoples swim with this giants but they will remind this people to not get so close with it.

Enjoying this kind of vacation can help a person on learning how to help the marine life and on how to conserve it. This trips can take out all the stress that a person has and also it can be a good reason for a people to be healthy, going to the open ocean means that you can get fresh air and sun light that is beneficial to your body.

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