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Try Catamaran Charters Grand Cayman And Discover A Life Changing Vacation

By Kevin Howard

By far the best way to experience an island vacation is on the water and catamaran charters grand cayman is a great means of embracing the grandeur and tranquil state called Cayman Islands. Catamarans these days are crammed with luxuries, the most up to date equipment and possibly their best feature, are very economical.

With its two hulls structure, a catamaran has a lot more room than than boats with single hulls. Extra room means more space for leisure areas and bedding, whilst maintaining sufficient space for food preparation and bathrooms. Without a central keel they do not lie as deep in the water giving them the ability to enter and explore shallower waters.

Being very stable they are also an ideal base for water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and fishing. If this sounds a little too energetic, just chill out and enjoy the endless rays of Caribbean sun or sip a cocktail while fresh fish cook on your on board barbecue. There is really no limit to the number of ways one can relax and forget the rest of the world floating off the idyllic coast line of Grand Cayman.

For some people to just drift here and there is ultimately satisfying. Others prefer doing some real sailing to uncover more of the 90 miles of wonderful coastal attractions within easy cruising distance. There are so many moorings and enticing spots to be explored along this coastline, it would be pretty difficult to see them all. While some just lust to explore, others appear completely at ease to remain the entire vacation in the huge protected bay of North Sound.

Some absolute must do activities to get the visitor out of that state of chilled out bliss. Firstly, a visit to Stingray City, a series of shallow sand bars in the north west corner of North Sound. Swim or wade in the waist high water and interact with the abundant Southern Stingrays that inhabit this unique environment.

Diving down among the shipwrecks is another definite on the must do list. The wreck Cali is ideal for beginners as it is very close to the shoreline, around 40 yards, so will be within easy reach for most swimmers. Experienced divers will love the ex US Navy ship Kittiwake, which lies in deeper waters but still relatively near to the renowned Seven Mile Beach. Having 5 decks and plenty of rooms for exploring it is a fascinating dive. As it lies within the Marine Park, it does have certain regulations to be observed and fees to be paid, so maybe good to do this one with a chartered dive team.

The Seven Mile Beach just mentioned is world renowned and worth visiting in its own right. Found on the western part of the island, a region known for its exclusivity, it still remains fully open to the general public. With its fine sand formed from past corals and clear seas that sparkle invitingly, as do the numerous cafes, eating and drinking establishments spread throughout its length. With so much to do, what about a spot of paragliding perhaps, just one of the many activities. Apparently there is doubt over whether it really is a seven mile long beach, but nobody appears bothered about that.

Getting off the catamaran might be difficult, but the shopping delights of Camana Bay, or perhaps a tour round a Rum Distillery or the National Museum in George Town, the capital, will make it very rewarding. Equally worthwhile are the fauna and flora to be found within the botanical gardens and on the Mastic hikers route. With space only to mention a few attractions, these are truly like the proverbial top of an iceberg. Naturally icebergs are one thing the visitor need not be concerned about.

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