Saturday, June 29, 2019

Adjusting To Living In A New Culture

By Joyce Bell

More people are moving to another part of the world for the purpose of work or because it presents them with so many positive aspects. There are communities overseas which are safer and provide many social benefits. Some people find an ideal job in another part of the world. However, living in a new culture is an adjustment to make.

Some people simply fit into the new way of life. They may enjoy the pub life or the freedom. The environment may be clean and provide them with a sense of community which they were not used to at home. However, not everyone is able to make an adjustment like this. Most people go through various stages of shock as they adjust to the new culture, and this can depend on how dramatic it is.

Instead of criticizing a person, look at the individual with an open mind once again. Ask them if you are baffled. For example, there are Asians who tend to slurp their soup. To a Westerner, this is plain rude. However, the answer to this is that they are appreciating it. On most occasions, they won't be offended if you ask them why they do this.

Coping with culture shock as a student is another aspect which individuals struggle with. More and more students are flocking to other parts of the world to promote themselves and this helps them get a better chance in life. However, it is not always easy to fit in. Many students have beliefs of how things should be according to how they grew up.

Always have something for them to do. Find out beforehand what groups and activities are available for children in the new location. Remember that every country is different. You may have coped well in one area, but going somewhere else may be a nightmare, so don't become too confident. It can depend on a number of factors.

They might say that the local beer is not up to their standard. When talking to the locals, they will continue to talk about their own country, saying how much better it is. A person may find that they are having difficulty embracing the culture, but they decide to take this on. Being positive about this can start by getting to know the community.

If you refuse to see the positive aspects, you will never get anything from this. One can look at the history, art, galleries, things to do and see and joining up with clubs where they will meet others in the community. They will also be able to meet other expats who are working in the area. Usually expats meet up and get together at pubs.

They will do things together. It is a good way of getting advice and recommendations early on when you arrive when you are exposed to the shock of the culture. You will need other people to talk to who have been through this. Support from other people will make a huge difference. It especially helps families who come over with their children. It is a great way to build up connections. Not knowing anyone when you first arrive can make you feel lost and isolated, so this kind of support is going to help a lot until you settle down and find your way around the country and get to know the community.

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