Friday, July 5, 2019

This Is Why You Should Choose Puget Sound Cruises

By Brenda Watson

The Salish Sea and Puget Sound are arguably the most majestic and intriguing areas to cruise around the world. You get to see where the Olympic Mountains and Cascade meet the sea and from a stunning archipelago. Sail on the clear, blue waters to scenic, historic towns by the seaside, like Anacortes. In such towns, you can enjoy partaking in traditional, smoked salmon eating. Taking a journey through the islands of San Juan, you get to witness the breathtaking wildlife such as seals, eagles, and whales. The local expert guides and historians onboard have plenty of lessons on the cultural influences of the Suquamish tribes and Norwegians. These and plenty of other reasons are why you should consider Puget Sound Cruises.

The ship departs from the scenic Seattle, WA enroute to Puget Sound. In the itinerary, a detour to Anacortes, WA is planned. The place is significantly warmer than in the neighboring areas. Hence it is prudent to make the most of your moments here. Head over to Deception Pass State Park, perhaps the most photographed place in all of Washington state. The park features plenty of picturesque shorelines, abundant wildlife, and serene trails. All this can make for an enriching destination to visit.

San Juan is the next island to sail. Areas such as the deception pass and Skagit bay are lovely places. You will pass through complex inlets and water channels. This is an experience you shall enjoy and live to remember. There are beautiful animals and amazing scenery. Photographs taken here are beautiful and keep the memories alive.

The Friday Harbor, WA, is also not to be left behind. From the moment of stepping off of the ship, the majestic views and intoxicating aromas of Friday Harbor will electrify your senses. Additionally, one can visit the San Juan Historical Museum to go back in time and live island life as it was nearly a century ago. This town is quite eclectic and has something in store for everyone since you can also explore its diverse topography. This includes monstrous mountains, lush valleys, and pebbly beaches.

Found at Port Angeles are breathtaking views, shops and magnificent views of that harbor and mountains, fresh air and excellent restaurants. Downtown boasts of flowers, friendly people, and boasts of the convenience it creates. If your passport is up-to-date, then you can plan for a trip to Victoria, a Canadian town that is nearby.

Little Norway is a town where Norwegian fishers settled there back in 1892. The area is also referred to as Poulsbo. The landscape is similar to that of their original country. The Front Street wall is unique and beautiful. It consists of unique shops, pretty art galleries you can visit, and many interesting wall paintings.

Snowcapped mountains, pristine beauty, and forested islands will surround you as you pass through Admiralty Bay into Port Townsend. Here you can explore the vibrant downtown and its national historic district. This will give you access to specialty boutiques, historical museums, and art galleries. The port is also where Fort Worden State Park is situated.

After a fantastic week sailing, you can finally disembark to Seattle. However, this does not mean that the fun is over yet. Enjoy the sights and sounds that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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