Thursday, July 4, 2019

Why It Is Good To Start Ladakh Trekking

By Cynthia Bailey

People find it easier to perform long-distance walking as an exercise than many other types. It is easier than running, jumping, lifting up weights, football playing and basketball playing. This is why doctors recommend it most times since a greater number of people can do it. For example, pregnant women can trek but not all of them can run or play football with it. It needs no special preparation so it can be done anytime and anywhere. Ladakh trekking gives these numerous benefits and the fact that you will enjoy a serene environment is a plus for it.

You are sure that the amount of fat in your body can reduce by walking a long distance every time. If fat accumulates in the body, you can suffer from atherosclerosis and heart failure. Being consistent with this for just 12 weeks can give you a result you will be happy with.

Doing this in Ladakh will help your lungs as you inhale fresh air. There are plenty of plants and trees there so your oxygen supply to the various tissues and organs of the body should increase. Walking in the same environment is also important for the health of the individual.

The tendency to develop stronger bones is also there. The way you walk or stand will also be better as walking regularly also improves posture. Your muscle tone also becomes better and you will be fit to do certain tasks.

There are different ways by which you can achieve this. One of the things you can do to make this a habit is to find someone else who has the same goals as you. This is not going to be difficult if you trek around Ladakh because even on your first day, you will see other people looking for partners. You may also want to discuss this with your spouse, friend or brother.

You can also succeed when you have a portable music player in your hands. Walking the long distance will mean nothing to you as you listen to your best compilation of music. If each song plays for only 5 minutes and you need 1 hour to do your walk, you would have played only 12 out of the list. Thus, there is a tendency that you will want to continue walking so as to listen to more of your songs.

You will not know the benefits of trekking if you do not do it consistently. If you think you are too busy for it, you can give it at least 30 minutes every day. However, it is good to seek medical advice to know how much of it you should do to prevent other health problems. Do not forget to buy a good pair of canvas shoes. It should light-weight and not difficult to clean.

When doing this, you may want to add other activities such as sit-ups and hill climbing. This is only advisable if your doctor knows about it and if you have enough strength. But don't waste your time on these if you are still yet to cover your primary task.

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