Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Mountain Bike From A T Z

By Sue Ellis

Mountain biking enthusiasts must know what makes up a mountain bike. The bike is made up of many parts and components, the most important of which are enumerated below.

Bottom Bracket. The bottom bracket is that part that connects the crankset to the bicycle.

Brake Cable. The brake mechanism is operated from the brake lever by means of the brake cable.

Brake Lever. The brake lever is the device attached to the handlebars which allows the biker to operate the brake mechanism. The standard bike has a lever at the left handle bar to operate the front brake, while the rear wheel brake controls the right hand lever.

Chain. Circular links that are attached to each other to form a round chain that will transfer power to the cogs and cause the bike to move forward.

Chain Ring. It is the circular ring with teeth that keeps the chain securely attached to the crank.

The Crank. This is the lever that goes from the pedal to the bottom bracket. It is through this part that power is delivered to the chain rings.

Deraillleur. The derailleur is the device that enables the biker to shift the chain to the different cogs.

Down Tube. The part of the frame from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

Front Shock. The front fork's shock absorber.

Handlebar. The handlebar is attached to the head tube with handgrips. It functions as the steering mechanism with which the biker controls the direction of the bike.

Headset. This is the mechanism on the frame's front that helps to connect the stem and handlebars to the front fork.

Hub. The part in the middle of the wheel where the spokes are connected to at one end.

Idler Pulley. The idler pulley is the device that adjusts the spring tension of the chain to the rear derailleur.

The Nipple. This holds the rim to the end of the spoke via a threaded receptacle.

The Pedal. This is the part that you use to pedal on and it is attached to the crank.

The Rear Shock. On bikes with dual suspension, this is rear tire's shock absorber.

Rim. The tire rim is part of the bike's wheel set to which the spokes are attached.

Saddle. The biker's seat when riding the bike.

Seat Post. The seat post is where the saddle is attached to.

The Skewer. The skewer is the metal rod that passes through the hub and on which the frame's dropout is mounted.

Spindle. The crank arms are attached to the spindle through a freely rotating axle that form part of the bottom bracket.

The Spokes. Thick metal wires that are attached at one end to the wheel hub and to the rim at the other end.

The Stem. The connection between the steering tube and the handlebar.

The Wheel Hub. The wheel's center part is called the hub connected by the spokes to the rim.

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