Friday, December 16, 2011

A starter's strategies Manhattan real estate & Nyc real estate

By Frank Cawthon

Arguably one of the most bustling regions of the world, investing in Manhattan real estate, New York real estate is one of the most popular options amongst real estate investors from all around the globe.

So, exactly, what are the factors which make the region of Manhattan, New York City's jewel, one of the most sought after investment destinations of the world? Well, for starters, the average price for each square foot is a spectacular 1.6% which is increasing even more with each passing day. This trend makes the region one of the most lucrative options for investing capital.

The other reason which accounts for Manhattan's and in fact much of New York City's real estate boom is of course the enormous potential that the region enjoys as a primary area for residential and official purposes. Manhattan is home to countless offices, shops and businesses.

Besides being one of the foremost business locations in the entirety of the United States of America, Manhattan is also a primary residential area. The condominiums of East Village and West Village need no introduction to a property buyer. Easily available at a variety of prices which are guaranteed to fit the budgets of just about every strata of economic classes, these condominiums are a wonderful option for first time investors. This is largely guaranteed by the fact that there is a regular and rising demand for these condominiums amongst university students and newly married couples.

Another kind of housing which makes this area an investor's paradise are the apartments, which give the region in and around Times Square its characteristic buzz. There are a countless options which the investor or a potential house owner can choose from. Some of the most sought after properties include riverside apartments and apartments which are made even more popular by their convenient location near subway stations.

The concept of investing in business retail estates in place of residential estates is one that pays off rich dividends in Manhattan's bustling locations. A primary reason for this trend is of course the region's dominance as a major business and economic center in the eastern shores of the USA. Added to this is Manhattan's as well as New York City's reputation as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. There is an omnipresent demand for shops and retail outlets along Times Square, Broadway, the appealing eateries at Greenwich Village, as well as the glittering Fashion Avenue, all of which contribute greatly to making the region one of the safest and most preferred options of investments in real estate in the country.

With a bit of research, the search for that perfect real estate property, whether for one's personal use or as an investment option can be quite a cakewalk, thanks to the wide varieties which are offered by Manhattan real estate, New York real estate.

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