Monday, December 26, 2011

Paintball Sniper Marker - What Marker Should You Get?

By Ray Manuel

The sniper is the epitome of all things awesome. Young boys dream of being one, and big kids try to be one. If you play paintball, then you have an opportunity to live that dream out and step into the shoes of a skilled sniper.

To take on the role of a sniper, you need to forget all of the mainstream tactics you've picked up over the years. "Spray and pray" is dead to you, and one shot kills are your best friend. Instead of aggression you apply patience and stealth, moving and firing only when necessary. If you're accustomed to shooting thousands of rounds a game, you'll most likely need to go through a break in period to get used to the change in play.

Getting the right gear is imperative to becoming a sniper. You must have a reliable marker that you can depend on in tough situations. Accuracy is of course key as well. Most settle for a pump paintball marker, or flatlined Tippmann.

In fact, plenty of snipers in paintball settle for a pump action paintball gun. They feel it forces them to concentrate on aiming more than any other type of gun. This theory holds truth, as the time it takes to pump between shots is enough of a motivator to make you be extra careful in aiming. Since you can't rely on speed with a pump, you have to hit exactly what you are aiming at, otherwise your screwed when that kid with a Dye NT spots you. Don't get me wrong, if you are good enough you could probably waste that kid, but it wont' be easy considering he can easily suppress you by shooting, and shooting, and shooting a lot.

For those that don't want a pump, that's fine too. Another alternative is to get a marker by Tippmann. Their markers are popular for a number of reasons. They are durable, reliable, consistent and highly upgradeable. One of the biggest things to note about their markers, is the Flatline. A Flatline is a curved barrel that can only be put only on their markers. What makes it a valuable tool for a sniper is how it can double your range.

Either option, pump or Tippmann with a Flatline will suffice. If you love being the underdog, then a pump is your best bet, if not, then go with a Tippmann and Flatline!

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