Saturday, February 18, 2012

Selecting The Right Type Of Hankook Tires For Your Needs

By Jay N. Jenkins

Anytime you are picking up a brand new set of quality Hankook tires, you will be asked which type of tire you will need for your vehicle. For a lot of people, this is a question that they are not quite prepared to answer. Most drivers are aware of the brand they want and the dimensions of the tire they need, but not everyone is familiar with other tire variations.

As it turns out, there are numerous types of tire available for most consumers. However, they were created for a very specific purpose and certain types of vehicles and it is crucial that you figure out which one is the right fit for your vehicle, as well as the conditions that you typically drive in.

For anyone who sticks to driving on paved roads and highways, a touring tire can do the trick. They offer quiet travel, smooth and balanced handling, and can be ridden on all through the year, even in light snow.

If you're the owner of a sporty car with a lot of horsepower, you may be looking for high performance treads. Someone operating a fast car needs to have excellent grip on the road to maintain full control during high speeds, which is precisely what this style of tire is all about.

A light truck tire is the ideal tread for any vehicle that is particularly heavy, like a van or a sports utility vehicle or an actual truck. This type of tire is designed to be a lot more durable and is more ideal in an off-road situation. This type of tire can be bought with a finer style of tread that is specifically made for a more luxurious ride for large vehicles that never leave the asphalt.

The available tire types can also be determined by what manner of climate conditions they will be utilized in. Tire tread that is made for winter conditions is your best bet when snow or ice is expected to be covering the roadways. If you wish to hit the mud or sand, you might want to invest in some high, gnarled off-road treads. Finally, all-season tires are made to satisfy all weather conditions, and are by and far the most commonly purchased tire type.

Having the right Hankook tires is not just what's best for your vehicle; it's what is best for you, as the driver. Being able to avoid a terrible tire-related accident is worth more than your whole vehicle. Anyone having a difficult time deciding what sort of tire is best for them should ask a professional tire dealer for advice.

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