Thursday, February 7, 2013

Come And Try A Rented Accommodation In Your Next Trip To France

By Rupert Powell

Each area of France has its own history, cuisine, culture and character. The fascinating mix of this nation has been the magnet making it the most visited country in the world year after year. Many visitors prefer to savor their visits and choose to rent a place or places during their vacation.

As was indicated in statistics released by UNWTO, 2012 would be a banner year for tourists with a billion travelers for the very first time. In the prior year, 982 million tourists were tabulated. Europe has remained the most visited part of the world and France its leading destination with over 79 million visitors.

In 2012, a record setting 467 million traveled in first half of the year according to data collected by UN WTO. It is recognized that tourism peaks in the 7th and 8th month of a year, while 45 percent travel during the first six months. New data in 2012 pointed to a number surpassing 2011.

There are 22 French regions and 96 county level government units. Glorious buildings from different ages, world renowned wine and cuisine and a beautiful landscape enriched by historical architecture keep attracting visitors annually. From the rocky Brittany coastline and sunny Riviera to the Alps mountain peaks and locations in between, diversity is a dominant theme in this country.

No matter what your taste, there are different kinds of places available to let. Farmhouses, cottages, self catering apartments, villas and manor houses are some of the wide array of rental options. Typically most rentals rent from Saturday to Saturday. This is because travelers tend to stay in one week segments. Accommodations come equipped with items you will need to live comfortably. However, food is not provided normally. Some rentals may provide a welcome basket with a few basics to get new arrivals started. Cleaning usually done between stays.

After deciding your destination, it is prudent to see if there are any reviews available. This will indicate what can be expected. A careful research of available material will increase odds of a pleasing outcome. Partial advance payment is usually due upon reserving a place. The remainder of this payment may become due 1 or 2 months before arrival. Last minute cancellations should not be contemplated, as they are not acceptable as a norm.

Generally majority of travelers visit in summer. Tourist season begins in June and extends through September in summer. Peak period of travel is between July and August. Travelers who come to ski will arrive between December and April. Peak winter travel is during December and January.

Gites are typically selfcatering rentals in rural France. Their attraction lies in that they are cheaper than hotels and nicer than tents or campers. Such lodging is often a refurbished cottage or a transformed barn. These originally offered only simple comforts. But things have changed. Now, many offer more luxurious settings, especially if publicized abroad. Available rentals can suit any holiday budget and accommodate different preferences. There are so many options now, it is hard to chose between them.

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