Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving to Portugal: Reasons to Live In This Country

By Sam Milner

For many expats, Portugal is a peaceful and serene place. This European country abounds in monuments, historic sites, pristine beaches, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. Statistics show that Portugal ranks at the top for seniors looking to retire abroad. A population of 10 million leaves plenty of room for expats to explore the country's natural beauty and start a new life. Here are four reasons for moving to Portugal:

A booming economy - The economy of Portugal is prolific and stable. Whether you want to find a new job or start a business, moving to Portugal is an excellent choice. The Global Competitiveness Report ranked it on the 43rd position out of 134 countries. Portugal is home to a number of industry leading companies with world reputation, such as Corticeira Amorim and Sonae Indstria. The major industries include tourism, electronics, machinery, plastic products, and ship industries. The blooming economy is a good reason for moving to Portugal.

The pleasant weather - Portugal enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The summer days are filled with endless days of sunshine. In the winter, its climate is similar to that of the coastal towns in Spain. Many expats are moving to Portugal because of the great weather and bright sunshine.

Breathtaking landscapes - This country is a photographer's haven. The sheer beauty of it is amazing. From beautiful beaches and unspoilt countryside to small fishing villages and whitewashed plazas, Portugal has something for everyone. Moving to Portugal is a great opportunity to connect with nature and discover new places. With its iconic bridges and sherbet-colored buildings, this place caters to people of all ages. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

Cultural heritage - Many art and history lovers are moving to Portugal to discover its rich cultural heritage. This country features hundreds of museums, sacred places, and monuments reflecting its proud seafaring past. Popular sights include Silves Castle, Mosteiro dos Jernimos in Lisbon, Igreja de Sao Roque, Cerro da Vila, and Palace of the Marquises.

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