Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Are Fun Surf Lessons Hanalei Visitors Could Enjoy

By Carmella Watts

For any holiday maker that may find themselves sitting idly on the beaches of Kauai watching surfers and wishing that they could do the same; the welcome news is that there are people that offer surf lessons Hanalei visitors could enjoy. Regardless of whether one is 8 or 80 these professional tutors will be able to teach one how to navigate the waves. Ok, so realistically, balancing on a board might not be easy, but the way that it is taught on these north shores makes it a piece of cake and you will have a whole load of fun with it.

This area is considered to be the perfect place on this planet to learn how to glide the waves and the bonus is that one is surrounded with the most amazing scenery. The bay is ideal as the ocean swells turn into calm waves that break over the sandy bottom of this area. As a result it gives a safe and fun environment to learn the art of surfing.

A large amount of visitors to Hawaii indicated that signing up to be taught surfing through these tutors, was the highlight of their entire vacation. Being taught how to surf by skilled professional surfers makes for a memorable experience with guaranteed results. Plus, at the end of the lesson staying erect on a moving surfboard will not merely be a far off dream.

Packages include a lesson on the beach as well as warm ups that will introduce one to the most important aspects of surfing in the ocean. First and foremost one is taught safety; paddling and maneuvering of the board, standing up and turning while riding a wave. Additionally, ocean currents and reading of lineups as well as surfing etiquette rules are learned.

Once every surfing aspect has been covered, it will be time to put what was learned into action. If ocean conditions are good one can learn throughout the year. Groups as well as private bookings are offered.

With the 2 hour premium package one can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Included in the costs are a soft board (with a leash), rash guard, 30 minute beach practice and the rest of the time actually in the water doing quality surfing. Another option is the 1 hour 30 minute class with an hour spent in the water.

As if learning to navigate the waves balanced on top of the board was not enough; one has the additional option of having a GoPro lightweight camera being mounted on the board to capture all the thrills and spills of the experience. This will undoubtedly provide a good source of entertainment for years to come when shared with friends and family.

Using the lack of equipment as an excuse not to try surfing is not optional as the school will supply everything. Basically all one has to do is come with sunscreen applied, dressed in a costume or board shorts and grab a board. Surf lessons Hanalei will definitely turn that Hawaii holiday into an event to remember.

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