Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Play A Mental Game Of Golf

By Paulette Short

Golf is a very popular game in the world today. It attracts attention from all walks of life and has elevated several people to celebrity status. Many people today have started devoting their time to learn the skills involved so as to become good players. For some, they do it for leisure while others are doing it so as to develop a career. There are some tips involved in playing a mental game of golf. When followed, one can make significant improvement on the course.

Every morning when one wakes up he is in need of food after several hours of fasting. Food fuels our bodies during physical activities. Failing to take breakfast would result to poor performance on the field due to lack of energy. Overeating is not good either as the body will be in stress as it tries to digest the excess food. The best meal in the morning before a competition should be light and include all nutrients. Beverages that make the body loose water should be avoided.

A good practice is to know the playing field well before the playing begins. This is easily done by taking walks around the playing area. It is not a tiring exercise. Doing this helps the player to have a mental image of the places that he will be during the whole session and plan how to play. Light exercises are good to condition the muscles to make excellent movements while making shots.

During breaks, taking a few sips of water to rehydrate the body will keep it refreshed. A fruit would also be a wise selection. Players need to keep off fast foods. At the same time, overeating will put unnecessary strain on the body. It is important to keep the body in its optimum performance level so that the brain can concentrate on making perfect shots.

The brain works best when it is not distracted. When a golfer is making a swing, perfect concentration is required so as to direct all energies to that moment. This is what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary players. Some of the misdirections are thoughts of past shots that have been made as well as those that are to be made later on. One needs to focus totally on the swing he is making at the time.

To be a successful golfer, one should have a ritual before and after making a shot. This connects the mind to the task being carried out. With enough practice at this, the mind will begin to relate the ritual to a perfect swing. This will lead to good coordination between the mental center and the peripheral muscles.

Bad performances are bound to happen to anybody including highly skilled people. One should decide not to get stuck on poor performance and move on to the next task. This helps to start planning the next move and correct the past mistake made. It also relaxes the body from strain which would affect performance.

For anyone who wants to be a successful golfer, he should attempt some of these ways on playing a mental game of golf. Some of the methods will be more efficient than others. Choosing what works best for a person is wise since all people are different. One method may work better for one person than for another.

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