Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cabo San Lucas House Rentals Ensure A Vacation With Home And Holiday

By Katrina Wheeler

Not wanting the same old vacation you will want Cabo San Lucas house rentals and the beauty of the Baja Peninsula. The amazing ocean surrounding this town gives you unbelievable beauty mixed with fantastic ocean fun.

The Baja peninsula is the setting for a town that used to be the rest stop for pirates. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, Cabo has water as its way of life. Kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling and water skiing are the way to spend your days here on vacation. When your day is done then there is delicious food prepared in five star restaurants, bars, and a lively night life awaiting your vacation group.

The ocean is beckoning the fisherman among you. With marlin fishing that is more than just a sport you can head out in your own rented boat, or be part of a fishing charter where all you need is yourself to chase your sport fish. If you catch anything then you can bring back the catch to your own rental kitchen to have an amazingly fresh fish dinner. But if fishing isn't your thing, grab a seat on a glass bottom boat to watch the life of the ocean unfold beneath you.

There are so many home rentals to choose from here. If you're just here with your significant other then a quaint, charming condo might be the ticket for you. But if you've planned a family reunion, there are homes that can fit everyone under one roof. With a house rental you get the fun of a vacation while having a place you can get a sandwich if you're hungry. The rentals are often second homes to other people so you have all the things you need to feel comfortable and at home while visiting paradise.

The homes are beautifully appointed and while you enjoy your vacation you can save some money by eating in a few meals. You also always have a place to drink some wine and watch the sunset with no waiting for a table. With a gourmet kitchen at your disposal you can have a delicious fresh dinner with local fish and flavor, then head to town for some fried ice cream.

Make sure you visit some of the amazing restaurants in town. There are so many to choose from and so many dishes that are special to this region. Sammy Hagar has his own bar where he sells his own tequila that he created. Make sure to enjoy a double shot over ice while watching the local color. The mariachi bands, local people, and the warmth of this town will make you feel that you are lost in paradise.

Don't forget to head out to sea and enjoy the sea life that thrives here. One of the largest reefs in the world is here and the fish, eels, and sea turtles that live here will amaze you. If you don't want to swim with them, then just float on the top while heading to the arch and be amazed at the paradise you are living.

While you are enjoying your Cabo San Lucas house rentals, you will still find the beaches a lovely relaxing spot. The warm sand, gorgeous water, and lovely landscapes will offer the opportunity to bring a picnic lunch while you bask in the sun. Then head home to wash your towels for tomorrow before eating a fantastic feast of local fish. This is the perfect vacation.

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