Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things To Consider In Retiring In Panama

By Georgia Diaz

Many expats have thought of retiring in panama and this is because living in the country is very cheap. Come to think of it. The value of your money there is higher because you receive this amount of pension and yet you only spend this amount for the cost of living.

You may check with other resources, other pages on the web and other authors of the information. You may want to talk it out first with your family members like your children if you have one or some. Living in a foreign place could mean that you will not be able to see them just like that.

It is not like you can just drive through there to visit your grandchildren or vice versa. Think about the consequences of this plan. Weigh the pros and cons in immigrating to a new place. This could also mean that you will not be seeing your friends anymore.

Not that you are really in constant communication or constantly seeing your friends here. It is just that when the need arise, you cannot just drive your way to their house or to your rendezvous. This is just saying that you they might not be able to visit you or vice versa that easily without having to buy a plane ticket or something.

One thing that you can be sure of when you move to this place is the respect of the people towards the elderly ones. A law was passed or approved in 1987 directing people to show some respect to the elderly people. In here, you can be sure to get some respect that you do not normally get from other people especially the younger ones in certain places.

You should talk to a lawyer regarding this one to know more about the legalities of leaving one's country for another. Talk to an immigration lawyer, more preferably a Panamian immigration lawyer. This is a legal professional who knows about the laws governing immigration to this place.

If the lawyer is not a Panamian, make sure that he is a lawyer or his law office specializes in processing immigration application to the place. Check the background of the lawyer helping you out in this as well as his law office. You can find some information on the web regarding the legal services of the law office.

One of the challenges with moving to a new place is when you have a pet. You are faced with the dilemma whether to leave the pet here and get a new one from there. But that is not easy to do especially when you have formed an emotional bond with your pet. Pets are like family.

They are even more than a family to some. You can always contract a courier that would bring the pet over to the new place. Of course, you will need some clearance from the immigration regarding this one. You should give a lot of thoughts about retiring in Panama.

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