Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Aircraft Ladder And Similar Equipment

By Bonnie Contreras

A-frame ladders are used in in types of industries. Aviation industry often uses the aircraft ladder for maintenance purposes. Heavy duty wheels provide easy mobility, while reinforced gusseting on all steps gives additional stability and strength. Although heavy duty cast aluminum feet are standard for this type of ladders, slip resistant rubber feet are much better solution for extreme environmental applications.

Small aircraft maintenance stands are very practical. Large deck area provides good stability and comfortable work conditions. Anti-slip coatings are there to improve your safety, and practical tool trays allow you to keep all the tools within your arms reach. It's much easier to work when you don't have to retrieve your tools every now and then. Interchangeable shelves are also very practical addition. The whole platform is designed to be easily and safely moved by one person.

Rotor craft and fixed wing aircraft maintenance and repairing is significantly eased with the use of specially designed ladders. Boeing wheel well ladders are made especially for this type of a plane, both for maintenance and for landing gear inspection. Both cantilever and rolling aluminum ladders can be used for different types of planes.

Commercial planes purposes require good quality engine access stands. They significantly ease the maintenance, and provide very good stability for all people working on the engine. They have fixed front and swivel rear casters, and are usually controlled with hand actuated hydraulic pump. They are designed to provide easy access and safe working conditions.

Aluminum made military plane platforms are often fastened with stainless steel. They are equipped with heavy duty swivel locking casters. Two piece modular sections are easy to connect and disconnect, and stands are made to access the trailing edge of the wing.

Custom tail docks allow safe and secure routine maintenance and repair. Thanks to their multilevel docking stations and left and right modular sections, they can easily carry several technicians at the same time, improving the efficiency. Rubber padding is there to prevent any possible damages in contact with plane.

Gulf stream fuselage ladder is a special model made for this plane, but with small modifications easily adapted for use with other models as well. Long and especially strong, it is able to extend over large area, and it is especially useful when it comes to fuselage area maintenance. It is also able to support several technicians at the same time.

Large aircraft ladders and platforms are usually made of carbon steel, to improve the capacity and strength. Polyurethane coating, wide steps and grip strut treads on steps and decking provide additional safety and stability. Rubber bumpers are designed to prevent possible damages, and they are placed on all areas that can get in contact with plane.

Wing access platforms are made in two modular pieces that are easily connected and disconnected, to ease the access to over wing area. Equipped with hydraulic lifting system, they can be placed to serve all maintenance needs. With some modification, all platforms can serve most types of planes. The aircraft ladder should always provide maximum strength and stability for people using it.

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