Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Operating An Ulster County Bed And Breakfast

By Serena Price

An Ulster county bed and breakfast presents an investor with an extra source of income to cater for his day to day expenses. For most people, it also opens up an opportunity for them to enjoy their freedom and meet and interact with other people. Buying an existing establishment is the best way to get in to this industry. It will come with less hurdles and the facility will already have all the necessary items required to make it operational.

A B and B come with a set of demands that each investor should be ready to meet. One such demand is the need to be available on a twenty four hour basis. Even though there may be strict hours of operation, some guests may need to access certain services late in the night requiring you to wake up and offer them service.

A B and B do not offer the type of returns that would be expected from say a hotel. You should therefore not get in to it expecting to make millions. It however does guarantee a very eventful and happy lifestyle.

Before making a buy, consider the property very well. You need to look at how many rooms it has, whether visitors are assured of unlimited privacy, access to critical rooms such as the bathrooms and also the kitchen. You also need to consider any upgrades that may be necessary.

Another important consideration will be on the location. It cannot be too far from the road or the closest town. Potential guests should not have to pass through dark roads or nonexistent roads in order to make it to your facility. This will be bad for business.

As the owner, it is upon you to come up with who your target market is. You will then model the facility to appeal to that particular market segment. Common market segments include families, young couples, elderly people, or even wealthy individuals. Through defining the market segment, you can now adequately prepare the facility to receive guests.

Each facility must be marketed if it is to receive regular guests. With the digital age, you could establish a website where information on the B and B and could be posted. You will also need to contribute information to online forums that cater to B and B guests.

Legal issues such as licensing must be complied with. Apart from licensing, the business must be registered. The person preparing the food for the guests must be examined and found to have a clean bill of health or else this could land you in to trouble.

Patience and understanding are qualities you will need in order to run the facility. All clients will want to be catered for in a certain manner. What this means is that you should be ready to go out of your way to make all clients happy.

Visit your local tourist board and determine how it can be of benefit to you. Tourists visiting the local tourist attractions will want a place to stay at the end of their tour. Use the advertising boards nearby to market your Ulster county bed and breakfast facility.

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