Monday, January 13, 2014

What A Fun Fueled Trip From Panama To Colombia By Boat?

By Marissa Velazquez

The Darien Gap jungle forms a major barrier between Panama and Colombia leaving air and water as the most viable means of traveling from or to either these countries. The situation is worsened by the fact that one has to cross a very thick jungle and carrying a machete will do little to help. The guerrillas, drug traffickers, bandits and even terrorists that dot this forest do not make the trip any better. Panama to Colombia by boat trip on the other hand presents a unique and unforgettable experience particularly to nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

There are several well experienced companies that will give you unforgettable life experience in this route. They offer packages inclusive of well prepared food and accommodation all at a very affordable prices and very breath-taking adventurous trip.

Prices varies anywhere from US$375 to US$500 all depending on the boat size and the services offered. The trip in average takes 5 days (4 nights and 5 days) although it can be shorter with some of the charter boats.

Boarding of the boat is done at the points of departure such as Carti Islands (Puerto Carti), Portobelo, Porvenir or Puerto Lindo. Along the trip, San Blas Islands usually presents the best stop over with others taking opportunity to indulge in fishing and snorkeling.

Given that the ocean water presents a lot of challenges at times, particularly between San Blas and Colombia, it is important to rely only on the first hand information when deciding on the vessel to travel in. Among other factors, maritime experience is of the top most importance. The boat captain and the vessel company should have route experience. Other factors such as safety, comfort and prices are also important consideration when making this journey.

Here is the idea of what to look for in a vessel in regards to safety in your Panama to Colombia by boat trip. Other than a highly experienced traveling agency, the captain should be licensed and with high level of experience. There should be at least two or more experienced crew on board. Other things like life raft, flares, fire extinguishers, medical kit and GPS system should be in good condition. The water supply should be adequate enough to sustain the whole journey. In addition to this, a safe vessel has a VHF and HF communication in addition to a Sat phone.

Other than this, other indicators of how safe and comfortable the journey include the number of passengers in relation to boat size, how clean the boat and its toilets is, the food quality, variety and the experience of chef, the entertainment provide including TV, video, books and music. Presence and the condition of snorkeling gear and fishing gear also provides a clue of how comfortable the vessel can make the trip to be.

The trip can finally begin with everything in place. The long journey can be made fun-full and thrilling with stop-over for fishing and snorkeling in addition to swimming and sun-backing among other fun activities along the route. With an experienced crew, the whole event can be transformed from just a simple trip to an adventurous trip with experience beyond any theme park ride.

Traveling from Panama to Colombia by boat can be the best experience you have in life, it presents a unique and nature filled and thrilling adventure with opportunity to explore the oceans what all it has to offer. This however comes with a price both in form of prices paid and the thorough background research to determine the best, safest and most comfortable vessel.

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