Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Makes A Good Hotel

By Joseph Tranturder

Choosing a hotel can be a difficult decision. You might want to try and go cheap but are afraid of living in a dump. Maybe it is a special occasion and you want to make sure you have all the amenities that you are hoping to get on your vacation get-a-way. Hotels have so many different features and different angles; it can be hard to choose just one. Below is a list a few ways to help you determine where to stay at and to help you find the best hotels in the US.

What most people don't take the time to understand is that there is no best hotel for everybody. You determine what you value most and only by selecting a hotel that represents these values will you be happy with your choice. Here are a few of the characteristics of hotels that you should pay attention to during your search.

The first thing you should do when looking for a hotel is determine what price range you fall into. While everybody would love to try out the Ritz-Carlton, it is simply not an option for a majority of the population. So be honest with yourself and decide how much you will be willing to pay for a hotel.

Do something educational. Museums, classes, and poetry readings can be a great way to do something with your significant other while learning and growing together. This doesn't mean that you need to take it too seriously, have fun! Look around the museum for your favorite piece, and give interpretations!

If for example you have a business trip in Stamford Connecticut, you will probably want to be in the heart of the Stamford business area. Location is so important and knowing where you want to spend your time is quintessential to choosing the right hotel for you.

Hotels are often rated on a five star system. Five star hotels are absolutely World class hotels. These kinds of hotels set the standard of quality and excellence and will leave you remembering the experience you had.

Do something random. Spend time at a bookstore or the mall or even at the Hotel Zero Stamford Boutique, find items that you think describe yourself, and your partner, and see how well you know one another. Make it a game, and reward each other with something delicious or movie tickets for a future date.

What amenities are you hoping to have? Hotels these days offer a wide variety of services and knowing these services can alter your decision process completely. Some of the hotel's features are fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, parking or valet Parking, high speed internet, breakfast, etc... Researching these amenities and making sure to choose the hotel with the amenities you want can absolutely alter the experience you have with your stay at a hotel.

Whatever you decide to do on your dates, whether it is at a hotel in Stamford, or in a cooking class, remember to have fun together. Keeping it fresh and exciting is the most important part of dating. You and your date should be happy and excited for a great time together!

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