Thursday, February 13, 2014

Information On Sailing From Panama To Colombia

By Jayne Rutledge

There is no direct land route that you can use when traveling from Panama to Colombia. This is because the border between these two countries is pure jungle. There is no road through. The terrain is inhospitable and there is no effort on the side of the government of Panama to make a way. The government is hesitant to construct a road because it might result in the war in Colombia extending into this country. Sailing from Panama to Colombia is the only option other than flying.

The distance to be sailed is about three hundred miles. There is no ferry service but there are sail boats that travelers can use to get to Cartagena. This service comes at a fee of course. The whole trip usually takes approximately 5 days. Travelers have the opportunity to spend some time on San Blas islands which are a few miles off the Panamanian coast. These islands are very remote but they have good reefs and marine life.

Pirates have been known to attack sail boats. However, the cases are few. Another risk is the unpredictable storms. If you want to find information about embarking on this journey you should make an inquiry at the hotel where you are being accommodated. You may be required to wait for several days before the journey begins.

When the journey is due you should receive confirmation. You will need to travel by road to the edge of the water. This takes a few hours and you need to wake up early to get there in time. You may go through checkpoints where you will be required to display your passport. The mountains offer a good view of the Caribbean coast.

After arriving at the edge of the coast you need to hop on a canoe. The canoes here have motors and they will take you to the San Blas islands. They are operated by people from the indigenous tribes that live on the islands. Since the inhabitants are responsible for administration of the islands they are undeveloped and untouched.

When you get to the San Blas islands you will get to move to a larger vessel that will transport you to Cartagena. You should meet the captain and his whole crew. The boat will have enough room because you will be spending the next five days in it. There are several stopovers on the islands along the way. There are many activities to be involved in. They include watching for sharks, snorkeling and swimming around shipwrecks.

The last two days do not have many activities. This is because you will be traveling across the open waters of the Caribbean. On the morning of the sixth day you will arrive at Cartagena. Most of the first day will be spent on the nearby island of Porvenir. There is an airstrip for people who want to fly into the capital from here.

Though the journey is tiring, it is full of adventure. On the boat travelers are treated very well and they have enough to feed on. It is important to plan ahead when sailing from Panama to Colombia. Call your tour guides well in advance to ensure all details are taken care of.

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