Saturday, February 15, 2014

Panama Rainforest Tours Are Quite Amazing

By Jerri Perry

Eco-tourism is driving the economy of many less developed nations. Panama rainforest tours are bringing people from all edges of the globe and guided underwater excursions are helping conservation grab a foothold in places where overfishing and habitat destruction have been a problem. Taking advantage of these opportunities not only helps the local finances but also allows for enjoyment of nature.

The fact that undeveloped nations normally only have their natural resources to profit from has historically meant that they needed to harvest it in some way or another. This has led to several problematic practices that are in and of themselves destructive. Without another option to help ease the burden, local people have taken to destroying their ecology. Maximizing their ability to make a profit on things as they are is a good way of providing another option.

Government oversight also provides a great way to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Federally funded and based agencies in the US maintain a constant vigil on forests and animal populations. The regulation of wild fish and game with limits on how many can be hunted or fished, control that resource from being over exploited. Not all governments have this ability though so providing some way of educating people is very important.

Overfishing has impacted the globe as well. The market for seafood has stayed fairly strong for many generations. If the only resource available to exploit was fishing, fishermen would fish from sunrise to sunset and often after. Without regulatory agencies, many fish species have declined due to overfishing and are in danger of disappearing entirely. Government oversight isn't always an option as their time can be spent better in other areas, oftentimes.

Eco-tourism is a great way to provide the other option. If a natural resource that previously provided income by being harvested can make as much or more money with less labor involved, most folks will switch. In order to preserve the habitat and species that can draw in eco-tourism, the importance of conservation can be stressed. The money that can potentially be made is a great way of enticing people.

Eco-tourism has started to provide these local economies a good alternative to harvesting their resources. Travelers pay for the opportunity to experience the local nature first hand. This provides jobs to the locals and income for the area. It also provides incentive for the native people to conserve their ecosystems.

Conservation efforts have been using this as a way to get a foothold in areas where they previously had a hard time getting established. By partnering with some of the new business and educating the local people about how to take care of their nature, they effectively put good conservation practices into place. Education and financial incentive make for a powerful influence.

Increasing the profitability of eco-tourism by encouraging things like panama rainforest tours, you can begin to show people the influence that it can have on the ecology and economy of a place. Education is the key to making these changes at home and abroad. Convincing the local people of the benefits is as easy as sharing the knowledge that you already have.

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