Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Traveling Safely From Panama To Colombia By Boat

By Jaclyn Hurley

If traveling a new route is something that excites you, boating to a wilder island could be very thrilling. If you like the sun, the shore, and the beach you can try the route from Panama to Colombia. In there, you will find the best of both worlds apart from challenging your senses for a new adventure.

Speaking of boat adventure, we like you to try going from Panama to Colombia by boat. It seems impossible to ride a plane to these countries though because the fastest way you can go there is through a Catamaran, the native boat to these tropical countries. If you think you are ready, here are some of the things that you can expect to see along the route.

You might be passing by the majestic San Blas islands miles from Panama. The island is a paradise for beach lovers as it is surrounded by clear waters and tropical coconuts. You might also get in touch with the native Yula and could be eating their delicious lobster recipes. Aside from tropical trees, you can also lie under a noni tree and recharge your energy so you can enjoy the following adventures to come.

In addition, you might lack sleep during the trip due to over snorkeling, too much swimming, and too much vomiting. The ship could be too shaky for someone who cannot handle throwing up. Sleeping quarters could be not that spacious as well. To avoid inconveniences, here are some tips you may need before the adventure.

First, it would be good to choose a stronger vessel. Make sure that you are booking for a ship that you will not have problems in the future. Except if you want the thrill of feeling some risk, you can choose any boat that you wanted. For people who value comfort and formality during the ride to Colombia, these are the two possible ways to ride a bigger ship.

Number one, get referrals as you book for accommodation in advance. Most hostel owners have contacts with experienced captains and bigger boats. Most travelers would suggest paying for a reliable ship days before it is about to go rather than picking something in random.

Number two, Bigger boats are much recommended because these are far way stronger in cutting waves. Moreover, most boats of this size have shower and refrigerators that you will need during the travel. Be wary though, experienced captains could be very adventurous for someone new in boat traveling.

In addition, a bigger ship could be a good option if you want to bring a surfboard, a bicycle, or any sports equipment. These boats could also have wider sleeping decks compared to smaller ones as well. If comfort and safety comes first for you, then these tips could be applicable.

Lastly, checking for reviews regarding the vessel could be beneficial. You may also ask questions from people who have gone through the experience as well. Furthermore, sailing experience and boat age is also an important factor for safety. The more experienced the captain is, the calmer he is.

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