Friday, March 14, 2014

Where To Start With Training Golden Retriever Puppies

By Jaclyn Hurley

Golden retrievers are a popular breed of dogs. They are good looking and are quite intelligent. The breed is also popular because the dogs are very friendly and they show a lot of appreciation for human companionship. They are also good at taking instructions. The key is to start training golden retriever puppies as soon as they come into your care.

It is possible to train these puppies without the assistance of a professional trainer. Starting with training right from when the puppies get home is best. This way they can get used to their new surroundings while adapting good habits. It is harder to break undesirable habits later. Puppies that are at least 8 weeks can be trained.

Thanks to their social and responsive nature, golden retrievers respond well to training when it is done with affection. Encouraging them with positive words and petting them lets them know that their actions are good. They will repeat the same action to get affirmed again. There is also the option of food treats but they should be occasional rather than frequent treats. This is one breed of dogs that easily gains weight. Also, dogs should not come to associate food with how they behave.

You will find that these breed of puppies learn quite fast and they have the ability to learn a number of things at the same time. A good approach is to tackle the habits that the puppy comes with such as jumping, biting and chewing on things. These are not bad habits but the puppies need to learn what they can and cannot bite and chew on and bite.

Use words like no and stop undesirable habits and off to get them off furniture. Keep the tone of your voice sharp enough for them to differentiate from a voice of praise. Use the same words and tone consistently and the puppy will soon learn to differentiate bad actions from good ones. Those in the household should also use the same words.

Early training should also consist of teaching your dog to sit. Where to go should also be instilled. There should be no accidents on the carpet or in the house after a few weeks of consistent training. You may not be able to tell when something is about to happen but as soon as it starts to, direct the puppy outside and they will soon learn to head outside when they need to do the deed.

A puppy should also get used to being cleaned from early on. Get into a routine about washing them down with pet shampoo, drying them and brushing down their fur. You will be able to see the beginnings of any pests like ticks or any kind of infection or disease and take care of it before it gets serious.

A lot of dog owners fail to set aside the time it takes to properly train a golden retriever puppy. They then end up with an adult dog that is a problem rather than a joy. Start with simple lessons and then go on to more advanced ones. Getting a head start is also advisable because you will have time to bring in a professional trainer if necessary while the puppy is still young. Consistency will pay off in form of a well behaved, four-legged family member.

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