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Information Concerning Gymnastics In Delaware

By Annabelle Holman

Gymnastics refers to a sport exercised for various reasons in the current society. Some of the major reasons why people get involved in this sport are to compete at different levels worldwide and for special military operations. Some people get involved during their leisure time as a hobby while others as an exercise for health purposes and body fitness. Gymnastics in Delaware is a very developed and valued sport. The place has professional coaches who train gymnasts to high levels.

The term gymnastics has its origin in the Greek language. When translated into the English language it means to practice naked. In old Greece, the term was used on all exercises performed in gymnasiums. Gymnasiums were places where male athletes exercised without clothes. The exercises were included in Olympics during competitions. Currently, some of those exercises have been separated into completely different fields.

As a sport, a lot of physical strength, coordination, agility, power, flexibility, and body balance are required. There is an international body that sets and enforces standards in gymnastics although every state may have its own governing body. The local governing body normally has affiliations to the worldwide authority. Artistic gymnastics is the most well known category of this sport.

The sport has different levels of training with each requiring different levels of expertise. In the US, the lowest sanctioned competitive level is level 5. The other lower levels are considered non-competitive and participants do not compete at such levels except level 4. Some gyms require their students to pass this level before proceeding to the competitive level and hence may hold competitions among members and teams in the same level. Level 4 is meant to train kids, familiarize, and make them used to being in competitions.

Both feminine and masculine events are included in artistic events. Feminine events include balance beams, floor exercise, uneven bars, and vault. On the contrary, masculine events comprise of high bar, vault, still rings, parallel bar, floor exercises, and pommel horse. The events may require individual participants or a team to accomplish. Others require both individual and team effort. The events are improvements of exercises done in Ancient Greece.

Participants can participate in the many disciplines comprised in gymnastic sports. Trampolining, team gym, tumbling, and rhythmic, acrobatic, and aerobatic events form some of basic disciplines. Participants from various age groups are allowed to take part with the youngest participants being two years of age. Difficulty is increased as the age and individual ability increases. Routines last a very short time, but they are highly exhausting physically. The routines test strength, awareness of limits, flexibility, and endurance in individuals.

Some of the disciplines named above such as rhythmic events are only meant for women hence men cannot engage in them at competitive levels. This sport generally gives a lot of freedom to participants. Individual performances are restricted to a few compulsory exercises but most of the moves made are self-selected. One can do any move they feel comfortable with during a performance.

Previously the scores used to be made out of 10 points. This has however changed and participants can now earn as many points as possible. Marks are awarded according to factors such as completeness, accuracy, and difficulty.

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