Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Enjoy Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls Tours

By Karina Frost

Many spectacular vacation destinations are historical sites and locations that host incredible wonders of nature. South America is a land that has an abundance of both and travel packages that increase the fun and adventure by combining two or more site stops in one deal. A lot of Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls tours patrons have described the experience as something quite magical.

Overlooking Peru's Urabamba Valley at almost eight thousand feet over sea level, is an ancient complex that once housed the mighty Inca. This fifteenth century city was unknown to all but the locals until 1911. It has since grown into a top tourist location and the most popular icon to represent a once powerful civilization and its strong, innovative people.

Having escaped the destruction of early Spanish invaders and now with the protection of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an official Peruvian Historical Sanctuary, this culturally significant find is largely intact. To give visitors a more accurate idea of how it may have originally appeared, reconstruction and preservation has been done on some key buildings. To further limit wear, the number of visitors to the complex and the famous trail that leads to it, are limited.

The Temple of the Sun, The Inti Watana and The Room of the Three Windows are the primary structures of this complex. The city planners separated the other buildings based on whether they served urban, religious or agricultural needs. Everything is so well laid out to flow with the natural surroundings and get the most effective use of how the land flows, creating a stunningly seamless vista.

After soaking in all the beauty of this ancient city, the focus moves to the wonder that is situated at the joining of Argentina and Brazil. Set amid a canopy of lush jungle greenery lies what has been deemed one of the most dramatic scenes in all of South America. More than two hundred and fifty individual waterfalls of varied heights and widths make up one undeniably breathtaking sight.

In comparison to the impressive waterfalls of Niagara, these South American beauties are taller and more than double the width of their North American sisters. The majority of the cascades are located on the Argentine side which provides a spectacular view for those standing in Brazil. As the water from the cliffs comes crashing into that waiting in the river, a haunting mist rises high into the jungle canopy.

There are multiple ways for visitors to get great views of this phenomena. Some like to choose one of the five paved pathways for a casual walk, while others prefer to ride the trains that travel the great span. Most will agree that in order to get the most up close and personal experience, a boat excursion that actually goes under the cascading curtains is the best option.

An incredible South American vacation can be had beholding the majestic beauty of waterfalls and experiencing the history of ancient ruins. A trip through time and glimpse of the power of nature are a combination that will make a lasting impression. There is also the benefit of having the opportunity to take a cultural taste of Brazilian, Argentine and Peruvian ways of living.

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