Wednesday, September 24, 2014

St Maarten Activities Cater For Every Possible Need And Want

By Karina Frost

When thinking of an island vacation one cannot help to think about glorious sunshine, pristine beaches and wonderful food. In the Caribbean the locals are known for their hospitality and their unequalled ability to make visitors feel welcome. In St Maarten activities often focus upon the water, but this is by no means the only thing to do when holidaying there. There is a host of things to do and to experience.

Surprisingly, one of the top rated attractions of this island is not its beaches or any of its many other attractions. No, it is their tennis academy that is rated so highly. Here, world class players enroll for quality training programs. The facilities are not only available to professionals, however. Visitors are able to enjoy the world class courts for a few games of recreational tennis too.

Cruise ship passengers especially enjoy visiting the Loterie farm. It also boasts a fly zone where there are zip lines for both adults and younger people. This adventurous activity is safe but it offers adventure to those that enjoy a little burst of adrenalin. The venue also offers exciting hiking trails that offer spectacular views on Marigot and the island of Anquilla. An excellent bar and restaurant will ensure that visitors do not go hungry or thirsty.

It is only natural that the majority of activities on the island focus on the water. It is not necessary to engage in specific activities however. Many visitors simply revel in the glorious sunshine, preferring to lounge around on one of the many excellent beaches, soaking up the sun and enjoying the tranquility of the ocean. In most cases there will be waiters to supply exotic drinks and snacks if it is required.

Those that enjoy water activities are in for a special treat. Most of the fabulous beaches offer visitors a host of adventurous activities. Water skiing, wind surfing, body boarding and surfing are all popular everywhere and quality equipment is offered for hire at reasonable prices. Many people enjoy the thrill of kite surfing and parasailing too. When it comes to adventure on, beside or above the water the Caribbean cannot be equaled.

It would be unthinkable to visit the island without enjoying at least one of the many boat trips on offer. Some trips offer a leisurely cruise at sunset, allowing guests to enjoy a sunset drink while enjoying the spectacular sunsets. For the more adventurous there are deep see fishing expeditions, diving excursions or snorkeling on one of the many reefs. Most hotels can provide advice on where and when to book.

There is certainly no shortage of things for kids to do. The Kids World Amusement Park in Cole Bay, particularly, provides a memorable experience. It offers the young, and the not so young, a host of activities that will satisfy every possible taste. Horse riding, amusement arcades and go karts, to name just a few, will guarantee a memorable experience. There are also outdoors playing areas and more than enough to eat and drink.

St Martin in the Caribbean is most certainly one of the choicest places to spend a holiday. There is much to do any visitor will feel as if he or she does not have enough time to sample all the many pleasures on offer. It may be a good idea to conduct some online research before making a booking, though.

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