Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Custom Hotel Key Cards Bring Added Safety

By Mayra Pierce

Have you ever wondered how safe your belongings are when you have booked into an inn and you have to leave your room for some previous booked engagements. Have you ever wondered how safe you will be in one of these rooms when you go to sleep? The latest invention, the Custom hotel key cards is something that will help put your mind at ease.

This is a rectangular shaped device that is usually made from either plastic or cardboard. It is more or less the size of a driver's license and it is very easy to carry around in your wallet. When you check in at the place you are going to stay at, you have to report to the front desk.

When you report to the front desk, they will ask for all your personal details. They will enter all your details onto the system and will then generate the device that you will be able to use to lock and unlock your room door. Depending on the place where you have booked in, this device will probably look different to what you are used to at home for example.

The fingerprint is for security reasons. If you need to change any details on the device like a contact number of something, you will need to proof your identity by using your fingerprint. This will then unlock all your personal details and you will then be allowed to change your details.

The positions that were pre-programmed onto these devices came in thirty two different positions. Because of these different positions, there were about four point three billion different devices. The nice thing about this is that this device could have been pre-programmed with new lock positions for every new guest that would visit.

You will use the card that you have received from reception. As mentioned earlier, the instructions will usually be printed at the back of your card. If you are unsure of how to use your card, or you do not understand the instructions then just ask someone from the front desk to assist you.

The information on both the device and the lock sensor must be the same. If it does not match, it will not work. It sounds like the devices can be cloned very easy, but no one will be able to gain access to your information without your fingerprint as mentioned before.

The only way to change to information that is on the device is by making use of a fingerprint. When the device has been programmed the main members fingerprint will be loaded. The manager of the inn's fingerprint will also be loaded.

So when you decide to go on a holiday or if you are planning on going on a business trip, you can know that your belongings will be safe. You will be able to book into a place and enjoy the security. You can book in, and leave your belongings and personal possessions as well as that of your family behind when you go out and you can rest assured that it will be safe.

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