Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Bring Your Kayak Harpeth River Will Do The Rest

By Mayra Pierce

The epic Harpeth River that curves through six counties in Middle Tennessee is probably one of the most scenic and diverse destinations for kayaking. Teeming with wildlife, this 125 mile long fresh water river offers boaters and floaters a smorgasbord of outdoor fun activities in supreme surroundings. To kayak Harpeth River is a Bucket List adventure beyond compare.

Competitive kayak enthusiasts can challenge the rapids and falls of rushing mountain streams, while gentler waters allow paddlers to fish or enjoy the beautiful landscapes floating by. Whether you want a roaring whitewater rafting adventure, a lazy float down a tranquil stream or a sightseeing cruise, the sparkling waters of the Harpeth has something for everyone's liking.

Floating up- or downstream with only the sound of birds and rippling water to break the silence is an unforgettable experience. As one of the freshwater rivers in the southeast that is host to the most diverse aquatic wildlife in the world, you will spot beautiful species all around.

Visitors can bring their own boat or kayak, rent one or opt for a chartered cruise down the river. Several companies also provide kayak lessons of varying length and level to beginners and more advanced paddlers. Kayaking is not only a wonderful cardiovascular sport, but also a great way to meet new friends and spend family time together in beautiful surroundings.

Another popular option is guided excursions and day trips, that include paddling instruction by American Canoe Association certified guides. These guided group trips also include kayak rental, all the necessary gear as well as a convenient shuttle service back to your vehicle. Customized trips for up to 20 people can be arranged.

The Harpeth is also a fisherman's paradise. It is one of the unique freshwater river systems in the Southeast, boasting a wider variety of aquatic wildlife than anywhere else in the world. Species such as big and small mouth bass, bream and channel catfish flourish in the prolific water. Along the river banks you can spot myriads of indigenous fauna such as waterfowl, deer and king fisher.

Kayaking is also a sport that the whole family can enjoy, no matter what their level of experience. While mom and the kids enjoy a gentle glide downstream, dad can shoot the rapids. The Harpeth offers plenty opportunity for family fun in the sun. One can just pack the binoculars, a picnic basket and embark upon a slow, sightseeing paddle to some of the beautiful pools and picnic spots.

Some of the popular tourist attractions and heritage sites are the ancient Indian burial mounds and the 14-foot waterfall at the Narrows of the Harpeth. A beautiful pond at the bottom of the roaring waterfall is a famous landmark and marks the site where Montgomery Bell's iron forge used to be. One can visit these treasures on foot, but it you really want a mesmerizing close-up view of these majestic cliffs and waterfall, you must see it from the vantage point of a kayak.

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